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My Hero Academia Ch 335 Reveals the Shocking Identity of U.A.’s Traitor

Chapter 335 of My Hero Academia finally reveals the traitor in U. A. High School. This topic has led to fierce debates among fans in the past, and I’m glad that Horikoshi-sensei has decided to end it once and for all.

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Towards the end of chapter 335, All For One condescendingly tells Dabi that he plans to reach his goal years ahead. So, no matter what obstacle comes in his path, he will always escape and get what he wants.

In this case, after New Order has made a significant hole in his plans, AFO reveals that he has a friend to spare. On the very next page, Toru Hagakure or Invisible Girl from class 1-A is shown.

This immediately reminded me of Caleb Cook, the English translator of My Hero Academia, who had posted a rant on Twitter four years ago. There, he had claimed that Hagakure was the traitor and even supported his theory with proof.

Hagakure has the perfect quirk for spy work and can inconspicuously deliver information. If you’ve been thinking that MHA needs to pay more attention to her, there you go. I hope you’re happy now.

Now that she has been revealed as the mole, we can backtrack on the earlier chapters to figure out the times when she has acted unusually.

Toru was the one who suggested the shopping plan where Deku and Shigaraki came face to face.

She wasn’t always available when fighting major villains.

While this could have been passed off earlier as a mere coincidence or the author’s neglect towards a character, now I know that it was Horikoshi who had been planning this reveal years ahead.

My Hero Academia Ch 335 Reveals the Shocking Identity of U.A.’s Traitor
All For One | Source: Fandom

The traitor storyline was introduced a long time ago. Although many fans thought that the idea had been dropped, the mangaka is more thorough than that. Hagakure has been revealed at the most unexpected time.

Once again, Horikoshi-sensei has proved why My Hero Academia is one of the major shonen manga. Will the traitor be discovered soon and evicted? Or will Deku find a way to save her as well?

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