Moriarty the Patriot Manga To Return with Part 2

The August issue of Shueisha’s Jump SQ. Magazine, in a much-anticipated announcement, revealed that the second part of Ryōsuke Takeuchi and Hikaru Miyoshi’s main Moriarty the Patriot (Yūkoku no Moriarty) manga will start serialization in the magazine’s January 2025 issue, which will be released on December 4, 2024. This news has sparked a wave of excitement and intense anticipation among the fans.

The manga’s first part ended with the ‘Valley of Fellows’ arc, a significant arc named after Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s fourth and final Sherlock Holmes novel, ‘The Valley of Fear,’ in December 2022. This arc marked a turning point in the story, and now, after two years, the manga is set to return with the second part.

Takeuchi and Miyoshi joined forces to bring the manga to life in Jump SQ. magazine in August 2016. Takeuchi’s storyboards and Miyoshi’s artistry combined to create a unique and engaging narrative. Shueisha published the manga’s 19th compiled book volume in February 2023. Viz Media is releasing the manga in English. It describes the series as:

The untold story of Sherlock Holmes’ greatest rival, Moriarty!

Before he was Sherlock’s rival, Moriarty fought against the unfair class caste system in London by making sure corrupt nobility got their comeuppance. But even the most well-intentioned plans can spin out of control—will Moriarty’s dream of a more just and equal world turn him into a hero…or a monster?

Viz Media

The manga’s success was further solidified with the premiere of a television anime in October 2020 and the second half in April 2021. The show, a testament to the manga’s popularity, had a total of 24 episodes. The anime was well-received by fans and critics alike, with its well-paced storytelling and good animation. Funimation streamed the anime as it aired in Japan, and also streamed an English dub.

Miyoshi’s manga adaptation of Yōsuke Saita’s Moriarty the Patriot novels titled Yūkoku no Moriarty: The Remains ended on July 4, 2024. Shueisha will publish the manga’s third and final volume on August 2, 2024, that many fans are looking forward to.

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About Moriarty the Patriot

Moriarty the Patriot is a mystery Shonen manga written by Ryōsuke Takeuchi and illustrated by Hikaru Miyoshi from August 2016. The series has published ten compiled volumes and inspired an anime that released in October 2020.

The story is set in Britain’s Golden age in the 19th century. It Focuses on William James Moriarty, the second son of the Moriarty household, a young mathematics professor. He lives the simple life of a noble along with his brothers Albert and Louis.

But outside school, William is a well-known criminal consultant prepared to wreak havoc in pursuit of his desire “a new world built from the ashes of the old.”

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