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Megalo Box Season 2: Release Date, Visuals And Trailers

The Summer 2018 supernova, Megalo Box was the 50th anniversary celebration of Ashita no Joe or Tomorrow’s Joe. The anime was probably one of the best shows of 2018 despite it having many strong contenders.

Fans became exhilarated after the announcement about Megalo Box Season 2 in Spring 2021.

Megalo Box is the story of Joe, a low-life boxer living in a dystopian future who is exceptionally good at boxing.

But the sport itself is dominated by a class hierarchy, making it so that his chances of competing in the big national tournament are slim to none.

However, Joe has some insane spirit, and he has a goal to not only fight in the big Megalo Box tournament but also to win it.

The story might seem like a generic rough underdog tale with boxing as its focus, but it stands out with unique character designs and gruff animation.

If you’re looking for something fresh amongst the similar animation that every modern mainstream anime has, Megalo Box might just be what you’re looking for.

1. Release Date

Megalo Box Season 2 will release on April 4 as a part of the Spring 2021 anime lineup and be streaming on Funimation. The show will air on TOKYO MX from April 4 (Sunday) and on BS11 Every Tuesday from April 6 (Tuesday).

The anime got a quick renewal after completing its debut season. In November 2019, TMS Entertainment released a teaser video confirming that Season 2 was in development.

Nanako Mori, as Yukiko Shirato, Tatsuhisa Suzuki, as Kiyo Shirato, and Makoto Tamura, as Aragaki, will return as the main cast from Season 1.

2. Visuals & Trailers

A new key visual has been released for Season 2. The visual shows us what Joe, who now goes by Nomad, looks like in the new season.

Megalo Box Season 2: Release Date, Visuals and Trailers
Megalo Box | Source: Official Website

The art style has become more reminiscent of its vintage look from the ‘70s. A colorful hummingbird contrasts to Nomad’s dark shades, perhaps showcasing the intransient swiftness that the man retained.

Nomad also holds a stern expression full of loneliness and clearly depicts Joe, who is now lost as “Nomad” after 7 long years.

An official trailer for Megalo Box Season 2 has also been released.

MEGALOBOX 2: NOMAD - Official Trailer
MEGALOBOX 2: NOMAD – Official Trailer

The trailer gives us some strong hints about where it plans to go with the plot in Season 2. The new season will definitely cover some darker themes as Joe returns as Nomad after 7 years of disappearance.

The story will deeply depict the character’s emotions as its main point of interest. In addition to the reprise of the old cast, some new characters are also seen in Joe’s journey of self-discovery.

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3. About Megalo Box

Megalo Box is a sincere homage to the iconic Ashita no Joe’s manga as well as anime series. Megalo Box was created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the renowned and redefining boxing series – ‘Ashita no Joe.’

Chikara Sakuma launched a manga adaptation of the Megalo Box anime titled: ‘Megalo Box – Shukumei no Shoken.’ It was serialized in Kodansha’s Shonen Magazine Edge from February 2018 to August 2018 with a total of 2 volumes.

TMS Entertainment, with the help of 3xCube, developed the original anime series ‘Megalo Box,’ which was heavily inspired by ‘Ashita no Joe.’ The first episode aired on April 6, 2018.

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