Magical Explorer Manga Goes on Hiatus! Kadokawa Releases Shocking Statement

We never like to see our favorite manga on hiatus. But sometimes, we have to accept it for the goodwill of the mangaka, like with the Magical Explorer manga. 

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Fans of the Magical Explorer manga were worried after it missed its release in the latest issue of the Young Ace Up magazine. Rumors were popping all around regarding the discontinuation of the manga, but Kadokawa has recently released a statement clearing up all speculation.

The official Twitter account for Kadokawa’s Young Ace Up magazine has announced a long-term hiatus for the Magical Explorer Manga. 

“Magical ★ Explorer I reincarnated as a friend character of eroge, but I live freely using game knowledge” Notice of long-term suspension


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The hiatus was announced due to Yukari Higa undergoing medical treatment. The statement added that Higa’s life is not in danger; however, she will need some time to recover from the treatment. 

The news comes as a further downer for the manga fans after the latest news about Berserk.

Despite that, fans are optimistic as the statement implies Higa’s road to recovery and eventual return.

No one in the manga sphere receives the brunt of work like the mangaka. They often overwork themselves while neglecting their physical and mental health. Due to this, they might not put in their best work to meet deadlines, which ends up affecting their work negatively.

They are often forced to go on long hiatuses to cope with their health problems, something fans of Hunter x Hunter know too much about.

Magical Explorer Manga Goes On Hiatus! Kadokawa Releases Shocking Statement
Magical Explorer | Source: Fandom

To be honest, it is refreshing to see a major publishing company like Kadokawa supporting a mangaka in tough times. One would assume discontinuation is just normal in a situation like this, but things are not as grim as they used to be. 

We wish Yukari Higa a speedy recovery!

About Magical Explorer

Magical Explorer was serialized by Irisu on the “Shōsetsuka ni Narō” website in February 2018. Kadokawa began publishing the story in print novels, beginning with the first volume in November 2019.

Yukari Higa launched the manga adaptation in August 2020.

The story centers on a protagonist who reincarnates into the world of one of his favorite pornographic visual novels, but only as of the friend of the protagonist.

He uses his knowledge of the game, determining that his new character has one of the greatest magical abilities in the world and unparalleled unique skill.

He uses his skill as a magic-user to live a free life and still be able to charm the game’s heroines.

Source: Young Ace Up Official Twitter

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