Lupin III Part 6 October 2021 Premiere, Visuals, Trailer, Latest Updates

Lupin the Third, the anime which captivated us with its goofy, action-adventure dynamics, is finally coming back with a bang with Part 6.

While we celebrate the character’s 50th anniversary with the upcoming season, bad news awaits poor Lupin. He’ll be celebrating it while being hunted by none other than the renowned detective, Sherlock Holmes.

The upcoming series is going to be exhilarating with the addition of the legendary detective besides the popular gentleman thief himself.

The great idea of incorporating Sherlock in the series is the script supervisor, Takahiro Okura’s. In his mind, Sherlock is probably the only person who can fight head-on with the Lupin family, who have been at the mercy of police organizations worldwide for half a century.

So, when is Lupin the Third Part 6 coming?

1. Lupin the Third Part 6 Premiere Date

Lupin the Third Part 6 is officially scheduled for release on October 10, 2021. Hulu will be streaming the series in Japan once it’s released. For Lupin The Third Part 6, we can expect an episode count of 24-26.

Lupin III PART6″ Nippon Television Network System will start broadcasting nationwide from October 2021. Broadcast on NTV from 24:55 on Saturday, October 9 Scheduled to be distributed on other distribution sites of Hulu Check the official website for broadcast date and delivery information of each station ▶ ️ #Lupin 6 #

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TMS Entertainment will produce the series while Sentai Filmworks will license the series for streaming in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavian and Nordic countries.

2. Lupin the Third Part 6 Visual

The latest key visual depicts the main characters, Lupin, Jigen, Goemon, Fujiko, and Inspector Zenigata standing in the wilderness that opens the door to the theme of this series, “Mystery.” The character designer, Hiroki Marufuji, drew the fantastic black, white and turquoise illustration.

Lupin III Part 6 October 2021 Premiere, Visuals, Trailer, Latest Updates
Visual | Source: Official Website

The visual below shows Lupin, with his hand on his head. We also see a catchphrase saying, “Lupin, Villain or Hero?

Lupin III Part 6 October 2021 Premiere, Visuals, Trailer, Latest Updates
Lupin The Third | Source: Official Website

The visual uses black, white, and red tones to create a highly contrastive depiction of Lupin’s face and highlights the duality and nuances of Lupin’s complex identity.

3. Lupin the Third Part 6 Trailer

The teaser starts with the sound of a bell from the clock tower. After which, it shows different clips in a very somber tone. 

LUPIN THE 3rd PART 6 - Official Teaser Trailer

It also shows a brief narration, “Is he a hero or a villain?” and then followed by the sound of a gunshot. At the end of the teaser, we see Lupin replying, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

4. What to Expect From Part 6?

When it comes to the art of thievery, there is nothing Lupin III cannot steal; whether it be works of art, hidden treasures, jewels,  the secret to immortality, or the heart of a pretty girl. 

The series is set to unfold with the theme of “mystery” as Lupin and the gang are thrown into the modern age.

Part 6 is staged in London and Lupin’s target is a treasure hidden by Raven, a mysterious organization that controls the British government from the shadows. He has a picture that serves as a clue for the treasure, but there is a problem, murder. Dr. Watson, Sherlock’s assistant, is murdered, and the prime suspect is Lupin. 

Scotland Yard and MI6 stand out at the crime scene. Zenigata, the inspector hunting down Lupin’s movement, and the detective who appears before Lupin is none other than the legendary Sherlock Holmes.

5. Staff for Lupin the Third Part 6

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorEiji SuganumaB-PROJECT
Series CompositionTakahiro OkuraDetective Conan: The Crimson Love Letter
Character DesignHiroki MarufujiPokemon the Movie: The Power of Us
MusicYuji OhnoCaptain Future
StudioTMS EntertainmentDr. Stone

I. Guest Writers

Some exceptional writers are contributing to part 6 of the anime, and I look forward to seeing them bring new flavors to the series. 

WriterOther Works
Mamoru OshiiGhost in the Shell
Masaki TsujiAstro Boy
Taku AshibeMurder in the Red Chamber (Novel)
Akio HiguchiZone (manga)
Kanae MinatoConfession (manga)

6. Conclusion

Lupin the Third Part 6 has set the bar high as we will get to see two legends in the upcoming series. The fictitious Sherlock Holmes coming into play in Lupin reminds me of James Moriarty and Holmes’ extraordinary mind games in Moriarty The Patriot.

Will we see similar intense suspense mind games? Will the legendary thief Lupin win against the legendary detective Sherlock?

I’m excited to see how Lupin fares. Will he be able to prove his innocence and bring the real culprit before time runs out?

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7. About Lupin the Third

Lupin III, also written as Lupin the Third, Lupin the 3rd or Lupin the IIIrd, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Monkey Punch.

Arsène Lupin III, the grandson of the fictional gentleman thief, Arsène Lupin, is considered the world’s greatest thief, known for announcing his intentions to steal valuable objects by sending a calling card to their owners.

His right-hand man and closest ally is Daisuke Jigen, an expert marksman who can accurately shoot a target in 0.3 seconds. Although Lupin and Jigen frequently work as a two-man team. They are often joined by Goemon Ishikawa XIII, a master swordsman whose sword can cut anything.

Or Fujiko Mine, a femme fatale and Lupin’s love interest. Although Fujiko usually works together with the others, she occasionally exploits Lupin’s interest in her to steal the treasure for herself. Lupin and his gang are always chased by Inspector Koichi Zenigata of Interpol.


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