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Kingdom Season 4: Spring 2022 Release, Visual, and Latest Updates

All the Kingdom fans can take a breath of relief. After the third season finale of this historical action anime, the creators have officially announced the arrival of the Kingdom’s fourth season.

When it comes to old school warfare, with swords, glaives, and shields, Kingdom has no competition. Its portrayal of war is nearly perfect and it shows a huge number of tactical calls which are historically accurate.

The third season has been phenomenal. It portrayed the Coalition Invasion arc with perfection to the point of making the fans’ blood boil is scary.

Kingdom anime’s fourth season is subject to great anticipation because it will bring us more of the adventures of Shin.

1. Kingdom season 4 release date

Kingdom’s fourth season is scheduled to be released in April 2022 on Funimation. The fourth season will have a maximum of 39 episodes.

TV anime ” #Kingdom ” # 4th series will be broadcast in the spring of 2022! Teaser visual release!

Thank you for watching the 3rd series. The next chapter has drawn after ” # Joint Army Edition “. With a fearless smile #Chengjiao … There are signs of new upheaval in Qin, which has overcome the crisis of national survival …? !!

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Kingdom anime is not consistent with its episode list. The shortest episode count is from the third season with 26 episodes.

The longest episode count is from the second season with 39 episodes. This shows the upcoming season will have a maximum of 39 episodes.

2. Key visual

The key visual features Sei Kyou, the second prince of Qin.

Kingdom Season 4: Spring 2022 Release, Visual, and Latest Updates
Kingdom key Visual | Source: Official Website

In the visual, Sei Kyou is surrounded by the tagline, “I’m next.” The dialogue can mean his major debut in the anime after season one and also refer to his position as the second-in-line for succession.

3. Is there enough source materials?

Yasuhisa Hara began the serialization of the manga series back in January 2006. Since then, he has released a total of 62 volumes that have more than 690 chapters.

The third season adapted both the Coalition Invasion story arc and Kyou Kai’s Revenge. This means the third season covered chapters 261 through 364, which is 103 chapters in total.

Now Kingdom’s fourth season will pick up the plot again from volume 34 chapter 365 of the manga. This means, Studio Pierrot has more than enough source material for another three more installments of the series.

Kingdom Season 4: Spring 2022 Release, Visual, and Latest Updates
Kingdom | Source: Fandom

4. Plot/Storyline

Kingdom anime’s fourth season will start with Kyou Kai’s revenge arc and end with the State of Ai arc.

The fourth season storyline will show that Shin is rising in the ranks through his bravery and battle plans. Shin was promoted with 5,000 men and sent on a secret mission to save the prince, but Sei Kyou was already dead.

Later, Qin will build a new fortress as a foothold for the Wei kingdom and Shin is charged to protect the workers.

Ei Sei’s coming-of-age ceremony and coronation are quickly approaching. The enemy forces will find that the king’s coronation is the perfect time for an ambush.

5. Where To Watch

Watch Kingdom on:

About Kingdom

Kingdom is a Japanese seinen manga series written and illustrated by Yasuhisa Hara.

The manga provides a fictionalised account of the Warring States period primarily through the experiences of the war orphan Xin and his comrades.

In the story, Xin fights to become the most significant general under the heavens, and in doing so, unifying China for the first time in history.

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