Kemono Jihen Anime Releases First PV, Reveals Release Date

Kemono Jihen is the story of a boy known as Dorotabou, who is avoided by the entire village. The story takes us to a world where human beings coexist with supernatural creatures, spirits, and demons, which are referred to as “Kemono.”

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The series takes a special interest in the occult, exploring the genre in a deep fashion.

The official website for Kemono Jihen released the show’s first PV on Sunday, after debuting the trailer during the Jump Special Anime Festa’s Livestream.

The anime is set to premiere in January 2021 and will have an advance screening during the Jump Festa ’21 event. It will be an online event held between December 19-20, 2020.

The PV shows that something unnatural is happening to the animals in the village.

The video features the Inugami Detective Agency members- Dorotabou, occult detective Inugami, Shiki, and Akira. We also get to see a glimpse of Dorotabou’s supernatural ability.

Expected Plot

Since ancient times, there has been a “monster” (kemono) hidden in the shadows of the world and lives in association with people so that people cannot find them.

The story starts when Inugami, an investigator of the occult and supernatural, starts investigating a series of animal bodies that start rotting in a single night in a remote village.

Kemono Jihen Anime
Kemono Jihen | Source: Fandom

He meets a young boy, nicknamed Dorotabou, who is avoided by the entire village. He discovers that the boy was named after a yokai who lived in the mud, and there was something unnatural about him.

It later becomes clear that outside forces were killing the animals and that Dorotabou was inhuman.

We can expect that the anime would adapt the first five volumes of the manga, depending on the number of episodes.

About Kemono Jihen

The story is set in a world where human beings coexist with beings called Kemono, who are supernatural creatures, spirits, and demons. But war breaks out between these two species.

A long time after the war, the story brings us to a remote village where dead animals mysteriously start appearing.

This phenomenon brings Inugami, an investigator from Tokyo, to the village to identify its cause. There he meets a mysterious young boy in the village, a boy called Dorotabou, who is not human.

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