Kawaki’s Drawback of Using Karma Power

There is no doubt that the Karma mark can provide an immense amount of power. Recently, we saw Boruto and Kawaki practising chakra control and karma power. They did this to better understand this power and use it more effectively. What they conclude, is that by using their Karma power, they get a boost in their speed and strength. But the latest chapter shows a major drawback of Karma power. It reveals that  Karma mastery has come back around to stab him with an unexpected drawback.

Karma Power Drawback For Kawaki

Initially, it shows that Kawaki is the one who fully controls his own Karma power. But a recent episode reveals that is not entirely true. Kawaki’s Karma power can be activated by Jigen. This is exactly what he did in the last chapter. He forcibly activated Kawaki’s Karma power. We see Kawaki’s arm rendered immobile and his Karma power activated. Soon, a black aura appeared from Kawaki’s arm and Jigen steps out from it.  
We can also conclude that this is the plan of Kara from the beginning. They can teleport themselves to Kawaki’s place by activating his Karma power forcibly. 
Numerous mysteries will soon be answered. What are Jigen’s mysterious ties with Otsutski clan? If you have any ideas, let us know in the comment section.  


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