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Kamala Khan making her debut in MCU

Kamala Khan will be inhuman in her solo Disney+ series. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is becoming even more cosmic now with Phase 5 taking shape.  Recently at D23, Kevin Feige announced Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk and Moon Knight will be getting Disney+ series.

For the Ms. Marvel series, she is confirmed to be an Inhuman in the MCU. 
Well, for those who don’t know, Marvel had plans for an Inhumans movie, which was initially set to release on July 2019. Instead, The Inhumans got a show which was a complete disaster.

We may not have seen the last of our Inhuman brothers because Kevin Feige may give them another chance. There are rumors that Black Bolt and the Royal family may appear in the future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although this may not happen soon at all. We will have to wait till Ms.Marvel and The Celestials are properly established in the MCU and that will take a while.

The series will be a total reboot of the previous show which was not very good by Marvel Standards. New characters, new stories, and a complete restart will hopefully revive these characters and bring them to prominence.

Kamala Khan aka Ms.Marvel is inhuman and she could pave the way for other Inhumans in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Black Bolt and other Inhumans will be the first characters to get a reboot within the MCU and Disney and quite frankly, everyone else wants to forget the last attempt.

With the development of Phase 4 and Phase 5, across movies and shows, the setting up of The Inhumans in the midst of The Eternals and others seems like quite a task. Let’s see if they are up to it.

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