Artist, Jun Inagawa, Directs Magical Girl Anime Starring An Otaku Hero!

Anime stories have taken inspiration from many things, be it weird sports, eccentric philosophies, or tentacles! However, Magical Girl Magical Destroyer takes inspiration from a fashionista who is also a rapper. 

Many would have expected music or fashion anime but designer Jun Inagawa startled me when he announced his next big project! Artist Jun Inagawa has been active in many subcultures, be it streetwear, music, or manga. 

Therefore, his eccentric take might just bring a breath of fresh air to anime!

Apparel designer and music artist Jun Inagawa announced a plan for an original anime titled “Magical Girl Magical Destroyer.” A teaser trailer and visual were both released on 14th May. 

オリジナルアニメ「魔法少女マジカルデストロイヤーズ」特報 | 原案 JUN INAGAWA
Original Anime “Magical Girl Magical Destroyer’s” Special News | Original Draft JUN INAGAWA

The cryptic teaser doesn’t spill much about the anime. However, in an interview, Inagawa gives a glimpse into the story of the mysterious Magical Girl Magical Destroyer.

Magical Girl Magical Destroyer’s
Project start

Up-and-coming creator JUN INAGAWA (@ JunInagawa1) Based on the original draft
Original animation production decision!


(´ ・ ω ・ `)


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In the visuals, we can see the two main characters of the story. In addition to them, the story of the anime also has two other “Magical girls.”  

However, unlike other magical girls anime, the girls are probably not the protagonist of the story; instead, according to Inagawa, the protagonist will be an “Otaku Hero.”

Jun Inagawa will be in charge of drafting and directing the anime. Though he is a seasoned illustrator, he has confessed that making an anime comes with lots of responsibility and hard work. 

When asked about the “Otaku Hero,” Inagawa reminisced over his first trip to Comiket where he was taken in by the sheer amount of energy that made him feel “Alive.”

Interview with JUN INAGAWA, the original draft of the anime “Magical Girl Magical Destroyer”

“Responsibility” for the work that the person himself said many times

About the project immediately after the announcement, I hit King Record Sudo P directly with him

🧠: @ JunInagawa1
🪄: @magical_mad
🧙: #magical_mad

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Observing different people there, he realized that some exhibited and created enthusiasm. So in the anime, he wanted to draw “Otaku Enthusiasm.” 

Though he has stated that he will be taking inspiration from his previous work in streetwear, he has warned his fans not to expect any “fashionistas or skaters” in “Magical Girl Magical Destroyer.”

Many anime fans are interested in how anime and fashion will come together in the new show. And we can’t wait to see it!

About Maho Shojo Magical Destroyers

Maho Shojo Magical Destroyers is an original anime project helmed by  JUN INAGAWA, an artist who is active across various subcultures such as streetwear and music.

In 2008, a mysterious organization, SSC, eliminated the otaku culture in Japan. The anime focuses on an otaku hero standing against them, with three magical girls – Anarchy, Blue, and Pink accompanying him. Together, they seek to save and restore the otaku culture.

Source: Magic Girl Magical Destroyer’s Official website, Official Magical mad Twitter


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