Is Yuno’s Existence a Threat to the Clover Kingdom?

Finally, the filler episodes are over. Manga readers are biting their nails ever since the Spade Arc started. The chapters are getting even more exciting with the introduction of formidable villains.

Post time skip things have geared up. We have intimidating enemies, new characters, and everyone’s favorite ‘character development.’ Asta is buff now, and I mean buff-buff (he’s all muscles!). Well, Yuno is still Yuno but a real prince.

Both of them have become stronger; Yuno has remarkably strengthened himself. His power-ups have again made him a deserving candidate for becoming the Wizard King. However, what are the likelihoods of Yuno’s betraying Asta and the Clover Kingdom? Will Yuno stray from the path of light?

I believe none. Yuno can’t possibly betray Asta and become an enemy. Still, he might change sides if something majorly traumatic happens. There are chances he might become the ‘bad guy’ [to know why read the following].

1.  Is Chapter 262 the Start of Yuno’s Evil Path?

The past few chapters have been devastating. The Clover Kingdom and the Heart Kingdom have lost their battles with a lot of casualties.  Zenon and his minions destroyed the base of golden Dawn by killing most of the members.

William’s healing magic saved some from the brink of death. Zenon’s bone sword stabbed Yuno. Had it not been for William’s spell, he would have died. Their battle crushed Yuno psychologically.

Will Yuno Become an Enemy?
Yuno | Source: Fandom

William could have fought with Zenon and save himself from being abducted, but he chose not to. He used up his last remaining strength to cast a healing spell. We see Yuno scream in agony, and he blames himself for not being strong enough to save his squad and members.

In chapter 262, the Yuno we see is unfamiliar. His eyes are dead ice cold. If looks could kill everyone present in the meeting would have died. He is beyond angry if given a chance; he can wage war.

Yuno is not his aloof self anymore; he seems like a ruthless killer. For a fleeting moment, we see him change his expression when Asta arrives with Nacht. He wants to join the attack force for which he is saving up his mana for his ultimate move to annihilate Zenon.

2. Will Yuno Become an Anti-Hero?

With how the series is moving ahead, there are high chances Yuno might pull off an Eren Krueger moment.  Yuno is currently susceptible to hatred and falling into despair, making his grimoire a five-leaf clover grimoire.

Dark Triad is a set of maniacs who, just for the sake of fun, trample on others. They snatched familial love from Yuno by murdering his family and ruining the Spade Kingdom. Zenon didn’t just stop right there; he destroyed Yuno’s home yet again.

Yuno might lose his morals and succumb to darkness. If Tabata decides to take a dark turn in the manga and there are more casualties in the attack, Yuno might snap and change his ideologies.

Will Yuno Become an Enemy?
Yuno | Source: Fandom

Unlike Asta, Yuno didn’t have anyone to lean on after his defeat. It is the first time he has ever felt so helpless in his entire life. Yuno is innately strong; the isekai Gods have always blessed him.

Yuno won’t turn evil, but he might become an anti-hero. He is a rare genius whose magic abilities grow at a tremendous rate. His emotions can trigger his side to become stronger than anyone else.

The incident might shape his psyche into believing that Yuno is the only one who can put an end to everything. It wouldn’t matter if the methods are crude; he will destroy everything in his path to attain his goal.

3. Will Asta Become an Enemy?

It would be the biggest plot twist in Black Clover if Asta were to become an enemy.  I know he is the protagonist, that too an overly optimistic one. He probably has flowers in his head, and he cannot possibly be a manipulative, cunning villain.

But what if Liebe, his devil, took over his body completely. Liebe also has a similar personality to Asta. He is different from the devils we have seen for far. Liebe, unlike other devils, is not evil. So what can corrupt Liebel? His hatred for other devils can forge him into a sinister entity.

Will Yuno Become an Enemy?
Black Asta | Source: Fandom

In the past, Lucifero, the highest-ranking devil, has taken over Liebe, so there are chances something similar might happen again. Lucifero can indirectly turn Asta into an enemy. 

Yuno and Asta’s relationship is very healthy. It will be a game-changer if Yuno becomes an enemy because of the despair he is feeling.

4. About Black Clover

Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata. Since February 2015, it has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine.

It follows young Asta’s story, a boy born without any magic power whose ambition is to become the Wizard king.


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