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Is Diablo Stronger than Benimaru? How Strong are Both Characters?

With the TenSura Slime anime closing this week, it’s hard to say goodbye to all these characters whom we have come to know and love throughout the series.

But before we set this anime aside, there are two powerful warriors I’d like to discuss: Who do you think is stronger?

Is it Diablo — the Demon Lord that Rimuru Tempest “gave birth to”? Or is it Benimaru — formerly an Oni King, but nevertheless, a Samurai General?

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.

Hello and welcome! Today, let us ponder on the power levels of Diablo and Benimaru — two combatants in the world of TenSura Slime.

The 1st cour of Season 2 ended this week; therefore, it’s the perfect time to utilize our brains and theorize on each character’s magical abilities and battle tactics!

Diablo is stronger than Benimaru because Diablo is a member of the “Seven Demon Primordial”; hence, his power is ten times stronger than that of Benimaru’s.

Is Diablo stronger than Benimaru? How strong are both characters?
Diablo | Source: Fandom

In the world of TenSura Slime, a Demon Primordial is a demon that has been existing since the world in the TenSura Slime began.

And since he’s nicknamed “Primordial Black”, well, that says a lot about his powers! Diablo emits an enigmatic and mysterious vibe; hence, why fans are so drawn to him!

Meanwhile, Benimaru is a Flame Lord Ogre who was bestowed the Oni Prince before his Oni People was eradicated.

The loss of his tribe devastated him, so he and five other Oni warriors (one of whom is his young sister, Princess Shuna) set out in the Jura Forest to avenge his people.

There, he encountered Rimuru Tempest and evolved into a Kijin after receiving the “Benimaru” name from the Slime.

Kijins are rare because Ogres evolved into this divine entity only after a few hundred years. In other words, an Ogre can only acquire the Kijin status but only after he ages or becomes an elderly Ogre.

To have acquired the Kijin status early just because Rimuru bestowed the “Benimaru” name is a shortcut to ultimate power!

Diablo’s Magical and Physical Abilities

Is Diablo stronger than Benimaru? How strong are both characters?
Diablo | Source: Fandom
  1. Diablo is a Crystal Ball Seer – Diablo stalked Shizue and Rimuru Tempest via a crystal ball so he can keep track of the possessors of the black-and-white Anti-Magic Mask. This magical item intrigued Diablo: he believed that it is a hint to the “Truth of the World”.
  2. He is skilled in the martial arts – Diablo valiantly fought The Champion and Conqueror of Flames (Shizue Izawa) via martial arts style in Filtwood Kingdom’s chambers in front of many Adventurers (S1 Ep 24). Although his right arm was decapitated, that doesn’t stop Diablo from pursuing the Anti-Magic Mask’s wearer (who happens to be Shizue Izawa, his opponent, at that time).Another time Diablo showcased his martial arts skill is during his fight withRazen — Falmuth Kingdom’s Chief Sorcerer and OtherWorlder summoner.Diablo grabbed his feet, swung, and threw his opponent even if Razen wasCharging with his “Berserker” punch.
  3. He can recover human bodies that were possessed – Diablo can recover the bodies that rogue Spectres possessed. In episode 5 of the OAD (Original Animation DVD), Diablo thrusts his hand inside one’s innards to save a man. After throwing the possessed body aside, he malevolently choked it while its gooey blood splashes across the ground.Although he exerted his physical strength here, he was still facing a Spectre or a Phantom head on; hence, demanding compensation from Professor Tiss his summoner.
  4. He can fight spiritual creatures – Aside from fighting Spectres and Phantoms, Diablo can confront spiritual entities that were summoned! (Note that his previous battle with the Spectre in the OAD is not a summoned creature.)The Kingdom of Falmuth’s Chief Sorcerer, Razen, summoned a superior War Gnome earth spirit. When it was assaulting Diablo, he swiftly grabbed hold of its crystallized power source so that it crumbles to dust!
  5. His power upgraded upon receiving Rimuru’s blessing – By “blessing”, I mean his name — “Diablo” — which Rimuru and company began calling him. Before acquiring this name in S2 Ep 12, he was a nameless demon. Nevertheless, he was given the title “Primordial Black” or “Noir”. However, these don’t count as names (only titles) as they were attached to him since his spiritual creation.
  6. Diablo is a summoner and a war leader – Diablo is a fighter and a war leader! This explains how he survived battle after battle despite charging against his enemies when raiding Falmuth Kingdom’s government (see Volume 7 of the light novel).

This attack, however, was bothersome to Diablo because a) it was not a complete victory; b) and it steals time from him to be with Rimuru.

As a solution, he summoned 3 Demon Primordials so they can serve Rimuru during warfare. In addition, he formed and hired 711 elite demons — “The Black Numbers” militia unit — so they can go to the battlefield in his stead.

Benimaru’s Military Leadership + Oni Powers

Is Diablo stronger than Benimaru? How strong are both characters?
Benimaru | Source: Fandom
  1. Benimaru possesses royal blood – Benimaru lives up to his title as the former prince of the Oni People and his name (literally meaning “Crimson Circle”, which explains the red colour of his spiky hair). With his royal bloodline, his strength lies in his knowledge running a country (or a tribe) as well as military tactics.
  2. He is a war lord -As the leader of Rimuru’s fighting force, it was Benimaru’s duty to unite the Goblins, Hobgoblins, Wolves, Dwarves, Lizardmen, and Kijins against the Orc Lord and its 150,000-Orc army. Utilizing his know-how in commandeering thousands of people, Chancellor Rimuru assigned Benimaru as the Samurai General of Jura Tempest Federation’s army.
  3. Benimaru possesses Oni spiritual powers – Not only did Benimaru lead his men to war, but he also utilized his spiritual Black Flame attack to defend himself and his men from the Orc Disaster. Remember that he’s an Ogre from the Oni Tribe; that’s why he still retains some of his magical abilities as a Kijin. With the help of Souei, his childhood friend and rival, he trapped the Orc Lord in Steel Thread Cocoon and blast him with Hell Flare.
  4. He is a skilled swordsman –Benimaru dons the attire of a samurai because he met a human samurai hundreds of years ago. After learning such complicated techniques, his now honours himself as the esteemed “Samurai General” who possess a spectacular skill in swordsmanship!When Rimuru green-lighted the signal to attack the human soldiers and OtherWorlders of Kingdom Falmuth, Benimaru went all out! He obliterated the soldiers and destroyed the diamond crystal (the crystal that powers up the Anti-Magic barrier on the Jura Tempest nation) they are guarding with his katana!
  5. Benimaru is promoted as Commander-in-Chief – When the nation’s population grew (which occurred likely after Rimuru evolved into a True Demon Arc), Rimuru asked Benimaru to lead the Federation’s military forces as Commander-in-Chief. This promotion occurred because Rimuru’s spiritual connection to his allies (including Benimaru) became stronger after he utilized the ultimate skill (“Raphael”) to revive the deceased comrades and citizens of Jura’s nation.
  6. Benimaru’s martial arts skill-Finally, in episode 1 of the OAD, Benimaru showcased his superiority in hand-to-hand combat during a sumo wrestling competition. He pushed five sumo competitors out of the ring because he doesn’t want them winning the prize (sleeping on the lap of the shrine maiden and mage Princess Shuna, his younger sister)
  7. Benimaru’s evolution to a Fair Oni and a True Demon Lord-After Rimuru becomes a True Demon Lord, Benimaru evolved into a “Fair Oni”. In the Slime-verse, this is also known as “Bewitching Oni” or “Charming Oni”. Think of “Fair Oni” placed midway in the evolution spectrum. It is better than a Kijin (Benimaru’s former evolution) but weaker than an Awakened Demon.

Since Fair Onis are Un-awakened Demons whose minds have matured, Rimuru gave him a special assignment. Benimaru’s job is to help establish rising hero-king Youm Farmenas on the throne of Kingdom Falmuth (see Volumes 10 to 11 of the light novel). Whatever tactics Benimaru executes to do this is up to him. Rimuru has other things to handle; hence, leaving this important job to his Commander-in-Chief.

One last thing I’d like to mention about Benimaru is his status as a True Demon Lord in the light novels. An angel that was incarnated into the body of a wolf (a Tengu) became infatuated with Benimaru during Rimuru’s first martial arts tournament. She proposed to him and asked for his hand in marriage.

This woman’s name is Momiji, and she is the first wife of Benimaru. Transforming into a True Demon Lord means losing one’s reproductive organs. So, when Benimaru accepted Momiji’s love, he was flustered but happy as well because he’ll have at least have a child. Benimaru wedded Momiji, completed his True Demon Lord evolution, and Momiji gave birth to their child.

Image 1: Commander-in-Chief Benimaru – Chapter 80 cover art from the monthly TenSura Slime manga


If you juxtapose Benimaru’s current power status in the light novels to Diablo’s Arch Demon abilities, Diablo will still have won, if only by a margin of error. Benimaru evolved twice: first as a Fair Oni, then as a True Demon Lord.

Is Diablo stronger than Benimaru? How strong are both characters?
Benimaru | Source: Fandom

While Benimaru is undergoing through all these upgrades, Diablo’s lazily serving hot tea to his master. There might be a possibility that Diablo’s spiritual abilities became lax, if only a little.

Therefore, it makes sense to conclude that Diablo will still have won if they face off. But Diablo better watch out because Benimaru’s strength is catching up to his!

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The story of Tensei Shitara Slime follows the journey of Satoru Mikami after he died and reincarnated as a slime in fantasy land. A slime is a creature that reproduces the form and powers of anything that it absorbs or eats.

Satoru starts eating all the magical herbs and crystals in the cave he woke up in and stumbles upon a dragon who had been captured and couldn’t move due to a barrier. Since both of them had nothing else to do, they befriend each other. The dragon accidentally makes Satoru a named monster, and Satoru promises him that he’d find a way to break the barrier. Hence, an unknown journey begins with this unusual friendship.

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