Beginner’s Guide to Complete Haikyu!! Watch Order

Despite being a volleyball anime, Haikyu!! attracts a global fanbase consisting of every kind of otaku. The sassy characters in each volleyball team are honestly the best, and their competition is what gives the series its spark.

Now whether you like the determined and brooding type, the literal sunshine, or the passive-aggressive nerd, Haikyu!! has characters for everyone. No wonder the anime has become so famous.

Before you get puzzled about when to watch each installment, let me present you with the simplest watch order you can find, which will get you through Haikyu!! without any hitches.

1. Chronological / Recommended Order

Haikyu!! has received four anime seasons, which consist of 85 episodes. Four movies and six OVAs have also been released, with two upcoming films. It has a pretty straightforward watch order, and you just need to know when to watch the OVAs between seasons. The chronological order doesn’t involve the movies since they are just recaps. 

  • Haikyu!!
  • Haikyu!! Lev Genzan! (OVA)
  • Haikyu!! Second Season
  • Haikyu!!: vs “Akaten (OVA)
  • Haikyu!! Third Season
  • Haikyu!!: Riku vs Kuu (OVA)
  • Haikyu!!: Boru no Michi (OVA)
  • Haikyu!! To the Top
  • Haikyu!! To the Top Part 2
  • Haikyuu!! Final Movies (Upcoming 2 Films)

2. Release Order

Watching Haikyu!! According to its release, the order is also reasonable, but the OVAs might feel out of order. You can also skip the movies as they are mere recaps.

  • Haikyu!! Season 1
  • Haikyu!! Lev Genzan! (The Arrival of Lev! OVA)
  • Haikyu!! Quest Picture Drama (OVA)
  • Gekijō-ban Haikyu!! Owari to Hajimari (movie)
  • Gekijō-ban Haikyu!! Shōsha to Haisha (movie)
  • Haikyu!! Season 2
  • Haikyu!! Vs. Akaten (Vs. Failing Grades OVA)
  • Haikyu!! Season 3
  • Special Feature! Betting on the Spring High Volleyball (OVA)
  • Haikyu!! Sainō to Sense (movie)
  • Haikyu!! Concept no Tatakai (movie)
  • Haikyu!!: Riku vs Kuu (Land vs. Sky OVA)
  • Haikyu!!: Boru no Michi  (The “Path” of the Ball OVA)
  • Haikyu!! To the Top Season 4
    • Part 1
    • Part 2
  • Haikyu Final Movies (Upcoming)

3. Where to watch Haikyu!! seasons and movies with English subtitles or dub?

Haikyu!! is currently only available to stream on Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll premium members can easily access all the OVAs and seasons of the anime. Crunchyroll offers both English subtitles and dub for the series. The anime is also available on Netflix but only in Japan and India and not in the US.

Watch Haikyuu!! on:

4. What to do if Haikyu!! is not available to watch in your region?

If the Haikyu!! anime, movies, or OVAs aren’t available on any streaming website in your area, then you can use a VPN to bypass the geo-block. Some of the top VPN service providers in the game are ExpressVPN, Nord VPN, Proton VPN, Cyberghost, and Private Internet Access, to name a few.

All you have to do is connect to a country where your preferred anime is streaming, and voila, you can now watch Haikyu!! even if it is unavailable in your region.

How To Watch Fate Anime? A Complete Watch Order GuideExpress VPN | Source: Google Playstore

There are many unpaid VPN services at hand or free browser extensions. However, using low-tier VPN providers might decrease your speed and get you blocked by streaming services. Connection drops and unsecured encryption are also other disadvantages.

The important thing is that Haikyu!! is present on Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Netflix so set your VPN to a suitable location to access the anime from anywhere.

5. Can you download and watch Haikyu!! Offline?

Yes, Crunchyroll offers download options with its different packages and you can watch Haikyu!! Offline with certain subscriptions, and we have the readymade list right here:

WebsiteSubscription PackagesOffline Viewing
CrunchyrollFan – $7.99/monthNo
Mega Fan – $9.99/monthYes
Ultimate Fan – $14.99/monthYes

6. How much time will it take to watch Haikyu!!?

The total run time of the entire Haikyu!! franchise is 42 hours and 9 minutes. However, if you want to follow the chronological order, you can complete it within 35 hours and 40 minutes.

Here is a list of the duration of all Haikyu!! installments:

Haikyu!!600 minutesSeason 1
Haikyu!! Quest Picture Drama12 minutesOVA
Haikyu!!: Lev Genzan!24 minutesOVA
Haikyu!! Movie 1: Owari to Hajimari89 minutesMovie
Haikyu!! Movie 2: Shousha to Haisha88 minutesMovie
Haikyu!! Second Season600 minutesSeason
Haikyu!!: vs “Akaten”24 minutesOVA
Haikyu!! Third Season 240 minutesSeason 3
Haikyu!!: Tokushuu! Haru-kou Volley ni Kaketa Seishun23 minutesOVA
Haikyu!! Movie 3: Sainou to Sense89 minutesMovie
Haikyu!! Movie 4: Concept no Tatakai88 minutesMovie
Haikyu!! To the Top 312 minutesSeason 4 Pt 1
Haikyu!!: Riku vs Kuu44 minutesOVA
Haikyu!!: Boru no Michi20 minutesOVA
Haikyu!! To the Top Part 2276 minutesSeason 4 Pt 2

7. Watch Order Explained

  • Haikyu!! Season 1: In 25 episodes, season 1 covers the reformation of the Karasuno team, the beginning and the aftermath of the Interhigh competition.
  • Haikyu!! Lev Genzan! (The Arrival of Lev! OVA): This original story was included in a limited-edition DVD of Haikyu!!. It tells the story of Lev Haiba and his surprising side.
  • Haikyu!! Quest Picture Drama (OVA): A set of 3 OVAs that have 4 minute episodes each.
  • Gekijō-ban Haikyu!! Owari to Hajimari (movie): A compilation film that recaps the first cour of season 1.
  • Gekijō-ban Haikyu!! Shōsha to Haisha (movie): The second part of the compilation film set that covers the second part of season 1.
  • Haikyu!! Season 2: It has a total of 25 episodes, out of which the first 11 episodes cover the Tokyo Expedition arc while the later ones start the Spring High Preliminary arc.
  • Haikyu!! Vs. Akaten (Vs. Failing Grades OVA): It is a fun original story that focuses on Hinata and Kageyama who are failing their exams. Now they have to balance their studies with practice if they want to play in further matches.
  • Haikyu!! Season 3: In 10 episodes, the third season finishes off the Spring High Priliminary arc.
  • Special Feature! Betting on the Spring High Volleyball (OVA): It is a news broadcast that covers the different volleyball teams in Miyagi. It focuses on the teams’ fight to reach the Spring Interhigh.
  • Haikyu!! Sainō to Sense (movie): The movie recaps Karasuno and Aoba Johsai’s match from season 2 and includes some new scenes showing some post-match moments.
  • Haikyu!! Concept no Tatakai (movie): Covers the Karasuno vs Shiraitorizawa match from season 3 of Haikyu!!
  • Haikyu!!: Riku vs Kuu and Haikyu!!: Boru no Michi  (OVA): These two OVAs focus on the Spring High tournament matches between the Tokyo representative schools.
  • Haikyu!! To the Top Season 4
    • Part 1: With 13 episodes, it covers the first part of the Tokyo Nationals arc.
    • Part 2: In the last 12 episodes, it shows the Karasuno team advancing to the third round and the Tokyo Nationals arc is nowhere near its end.
  • Haikyu!!: Final: A set of two upcoming movies that will adapt the Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump arc, and probably conclude the franchise.

8. Frequently Asked Questions

I. What can you skip in Haikyu!!?

Haikyu!! consists of a lot of recap compilations which are mainly the movies. You can skip the following installments without any consequences:

  • Haikyu!! Movie 1: Owari to Hajimari – Recap of the first half of season 1
  • Haikyu!! Movie 2: Shousha to Haisha – Recap of the second half of season 1
  • Haikyu!! Movie 3: Sainou to Sense – Recap of the match against Aobajosai High School in season 2
  • Haikyu!! Movie 4: Concept no Tatakai – Recap of the match against Shiratorizawa Academy in season 3
  • Haikyu!!: Tokushuu! Haru-kou Volley ni Kaketa Seishun – Recap of primary matches from Spring Tournament. It also contains interviews with various players.

II. Do you have to watch the Haikyu!! movies?

No, the Haikyu!! movies are a recap of the seasons that precede them, so they aren’t necessary. The movies are sprinkled with a handful of original scenes, but you can freely skip them unless you are a hardcore fan. The latest movies labeled Haikyu!! Final will cover the conclusion of the manga and should not be skipped.

III. Has Haikyu!! anime ended?

Two Haikyu!! Final anime films were announced on August 12, 2022. These films will wrap up the story, and there will probably be no more anime seasons. The rest of the Tokyo Nationals arc and the Final arc is likely to be adapted by the movies. You can expect more OVAs from the franchise too.

9. Conclusion

It is recommended to watch Haikyu!! according to its chronological order. It is an easy and straightforward series that doesn’t need much time to navigate. You can skip the movies since they are just recaps with very less new scenes.

You can skip the OVAs, too, since they are just original content with no relation to the main plot. However, I would recommend watching them since they are fun pieces to keep you entertained.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out Haikyu!! right now to get acquainted with the various quirky teams and gain an encyclopedic knowledge of volleyball to rant about in friend circles.

10. About Haikyuu!!

Haikyu!! is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. Its publication in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump began in February 2012 with 42 collected tankōbon volumes released.

Hinata Shoyo is a highly passionate boy who wishes to follow the steps of his idol, ‘The Little Giant’ in the field of volleyball. Hinata’s resolve is unbreakable as he faces gruesome defeat at the hands of the ‘King of the Court,’ a genius prodigy setter Kageyama Tobio in middle school. Hinata’s dreams take fruit as he enters high school.


He joins the declining volleyball team of Karasuno High and is appalled to find the very same Kageyama as his teammate. The story follows the revival of Karasuno High and the unity they maintain to pave their way for nationals.

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