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A Guide to Finding Food Items for Majin Buu in Xenoverse 2!

Right after the Saiyan Saga, you need to visit all the side pedestals and Majin Buu’s house is one of them. So after getting access to Buu’s house, you need to talk to him.

After talking to him, you need to be able to feed him. Right on top, you will be able to see a food meter. When the food meter fills up, Majin Buu will produce kids, who can grant you powers.

However, many people have found it difficult to figure out how to get food items for Buu. And I will make the job easier for you, by going through all the ways we can feed Majin Buu, let’s go!

When Majin Buu is fed to a certain extent, and the taskbar is filled, he will create Kids who can grant powers. Majin Buu has certain likes and dislikes and food is graded accordingly, hence the higher graded food will fill the bar faster.

1. How to find food for Majin Buu?

You can find Food for Majin Buu in three different ways, let’s go through all of them.

A Guide to Finding Food Items for Majin Buu in Xenoverse 2!
Finding Food for Majin Buu

1. Food items are placed all over the map in random locations. You can see them as little red dots over the map. Every place might not have food but you can try them out.

2. You can also obtain food by talking to Non-Playable Characters. Again this method is not a sure shot of getting food. They might sometimes give you food items and sometimes won’t.

3. Last but not least, there is Mekuji, a farmer who lives next to Guru’s house. He will trade food and clothes in exchange for some potions and capsules.

You can talk to him, then you need to do a task and come back to receive food or clothes. This is also not a sure-shot way to get food as you might get clothes instead.

2. Are different food items rated differently?

Majin Buu has food preferences and getting him his favourite foods will help you fill the bar more easily. The food is rated from 1 to 3, 1 being least and 3 being most effective for filling the bar.

A Guide to Finding Food Items for Majin Buu in Xenoverse 2!
Collecting Food for Majin Buu

Here’s the list of foods that are available and their rating:

I. Grade 3 Food Items

  • Pitalian freshwater fish
  • Cat mushroom
  • Lettuce
  • Roasted fish
  • Pudding
  • Giant fish

II. Grade 2 Food Items

  • Giant Apple
  • Poisonous mushroom
  • Sweet potatoFishbonee
  • Chocolate
  • Giant crab

III. Grade 1 Food Items

  • Water
  • Mushroom
  • Carrot
  • Scale
  • Candy
  • Giant Octopus

The food items can be found in the following districts: Mushroom District, Ajisa District, Bamboo Forest district, Patrol Headquarters District, Kame House district and Water areas near Majin Buu Rift.

3. The Colors of Kids Created and What It Means

The kids created by Majin Buu are produced in three colours: Red, Yellow and Blue. Red kids can help you gain Super Souls, Yellow Kids will help you get clothes and Blue kids will help you get Capsules.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - How to Get Food for Majin Buu Quickly (Farming Method)
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – How to Get Food for Majin Buu Quickly (Farming Method)

Majin Buu can create up to 6 kids if your race is anything except Majin, however, if you belong to Majin Race, you can have a maximum of 10 kids.

Feeding kids 5 times might change the colour, in this case, you choose two options: either to Guard or to Calm Down. ‘Guard’ will help the kid change his colour and ‘Calm down’ will have him keep the colour.

With this option, you can choose to create the kids in a colour that you require the most. Let’s say, changing kids to Red to collect more Super Souls.

4. Types of Rewards You Can Anticipate

Feeding the kids with food will help you earn rewards. Similar to Majin Buu, the rewards depend on the grade of food given to them.

I. List of Super Souls granted and What They Do

  • Great Saiyaman’s Super Soul does not generally give any special effects and you can sell it for a price of 1000 yeni.
  • Dende’s Super Soul gives him Super armour and can be sold for 5000.
  • Kibito’s Super Soul allows you to cure all ally status ailments and also recovers Ki and stamina. It sells for 7000.
  • Goten’s Super Soul allows you to boost your speed and also boosts melee skills. Sells for 4000.
  • Majin Buu’s Super Soul helps in restoring health. It sells for 10,000.
  • Kid Buu’s Super Soul helps in speeding up boost dash. Sells for 9000.
  • Super Saiyan 3 Goku’s Super Soul will boost your blast-based skills. Sells for 15000.
  • Super Saiyan Vegito’s Super Soul will prevent Ki from depleting once. Sells for 16000.
Types of Rewards You Can Anticipate
Majin Buu

5. List of Clothes You Will Receive

  • Battle suit (Demon)
  • Chiaotzu’s clothes (with collar)
  • Dabura’s clothes
  • Elite suit (Demon)
  • Emperor Pilaf’s clothes
  • Fortuneteller Baba’s clothes
  • GI(demon)
  • Hero suit (Demon)
  • Jaco suit
  • Majin Buu’s clothes
  • Mr Popo’s clothes
  • Ninja suit (Demon)
  • Ox King’s Clothes
  • Qipao (Demon)
  • Piccolo’s clothes
  • Spike the Devil Man suit
  • Vegeta’s normal clothes

6. List of Capsules You Can Recieve

The capsules you can receive are listed below:

  • Energy           
  • Regen
  • Power 
  • Aura   
  • Mr Antidote    
  • Mr Shape up  
  • Senzu essence          
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