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How Many Arcs Are There In Black Clover Manga & Anime? Where To Watch Black Clover Anime? – Complete Guide

Yūki Tabata’s Black Clover is one of the top ongoing mangas of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. It is about a magicless boy in a magical world, his adventures, and struggles on his journey to becoming the Magic Emperor – the highest order mage in his Kingdom!

how many arcs are there in blakc clover

Black Clover manga has been running for a lot of time now and has summed up quite a few arcs; the anime is doing an even better job of taking the manga content as the Black Clover anime has a lot fewer filler episodes than you’d expect!

So, let’s dig into our questions for today — How many arcs are there in Black Clover? And where to watch them?

I. Arcs In Black Clover

The Black Clover manga has a total of eleven arcs, which is the same number for the anime since it is closely behind manga as per the latest episode.  

1. Magic Knights Exam Arc

  • Manga Chapters: 10
  • Anime Episodes: 13

The Magic Knights Exam arc, also known as “The Introduction,” arc is the first arc of the Black Clover series. It introduces us to the protagonist Asta and Yuno as they aspire to become budding Magic Knights of the Clover Kingdom.

It ends after the Magic Knights selection exam, after which Yuno being a prodigy enters the strongest Magic Knights squad — Golden Dawn, while Asta being manaless enters the weakest — Black Bulls.

yuno and asta in black clover; arcs in black clover

2. Dungeon Exploration Arc

  • Manga Chapters: 11 (11-21)
  • Anime Episodes: 6 (14-19)

The Dungeon Exploration arc is the second arc of the Black Clover series. It is a rather short arc where the members of Black Bulls — Asta, Noelle, Luck & Golden Dawn — Mimosa, Klaus & Yuno go on joint operation of exploring a dungeon at the Clover-Diamond border.

They run into some mysteriously powerful Diamond Kingdom soldiers in this arc, which, well, leads to a lot of cool things that you must see for yourself!

3. Royal Capital Arc

  • Manga Chapters: 16 (22-38)
  • Anime Epsidoes: 8 (20-27)

The Royal Capital arc is the third arc of the Black Clover series. After their successful dungeon exploration, the Black Bull & Golden Dawn’s two trios are invited to an awards ceremony by the Wizard King — Julius Novachrono.

But the celebrations will have to stop as a mysterious terrorist group called Eye fo the Midnight Sun has managed to breach Clover Kingdom’s defenses and attacked the Royal Capital itself. 

Asta and Yuno show off their new skills in this arc, even though they save the capital, it comes with a significant loss. But you will get to see how bizarre strength of the Wizard King.

4. Eye of the Midnight Sun Arc

  • Manga Chapters: 19 (39-57)
  • Anime Epsidoes: 12 (28-39)

The Eye of the Midnight Sun arc is the fourth arc of the Black Clover series. It starts with some children being kidnapped by a member of the Eye of the Midnight Sun.

This arc will lead to the epic clash between Licht — the leader of the terrorist organization and Yami Sukehiro — captain of the Black Bulls.

arcs in black clover eye of the midnight sun

This is the arc where Black Clover fans around the world fell in love with Yami danchou!

5. Seabed Temple Arc

  • Manga Chapters: 17 (58-74)
  • Anime Epsidoes: 11 (40-50)

The Seabed Temple arc is the fifth arc of the Black Clover series. It starts with a super-secret mission given to Black Bulls by the Wizard King as they go to a beach! Their task is to conquer the strong magic reason somehow and enter the legendary Seabed Temple.

Upon entering the temple, a series of events lead to a jaw-dropping battle between Black Bulls’ squad and Vetto — one of the three strongest members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, known as “The Third Eye.”

This arc is one of the best arcs in the entire Black Clover series.

6. Witches’ Forest Arc

  • Manga Chapters: 28 (75-102)
  • Anime Epsidoes: 15 (51-65)

The Witches’ Forest arc is the sixth arc of the Black Clover series. After defeating Vetto, Asta is left with a magic curse that rendered his arms useless. While the Royal doctor is unable to treat him, all the Bulls go on a secret mission to find a cure for Asta.

Vanessa decides to visit her hometown — The Witches’ Forest, and request her mother — The Witch Queen to heal Asta. The small group of Finral, Noelle, Vanessa, and two others travel to the Witches’ forest but are noticed by the Queen.

As they are under trial, both the Diamond Kingdom soldiers and Fana — another member of the Third Eye attack the Witches’ Forest at the same time.

This arc will end with Vanessa getting a formidable spell, two lovers reunited, and a lot of questions against Asta’s origins, the Eye of the Midnight Sun, and Elves. (Too much for one arc!)

7. Hot Springs Training Camp Arc

  • Manga Chapters: 10 (103-112)
  • Anime Epsidoes: 7 (66-72)

The Hot Springs Training Camp arc is the seventh arc of the Black Clover series. After getting his arms healed and fighting enemy soldiers and terrorists, it is time for the Bulls to kickback.

Black Bulls attend the star festival, which leads to our heroes meeting the new captain of Crimson Lions and the older sister of Fuegoleon and Leopold — Mereoleona Vermillion, “The Lioness.”

how many arcs are there in black clover

She decides to take her entire squad, Asta, Yuno, Noelle, along with Black Bulls and Blue Rose captains, Yami and Charlotte, respectively, to a training camp in a strong magic reason.

It’s a short but fun arc, perfect for “kicking-back” a bit.

8. Royal Knights Arc

  • Manga Chapters: 21 (113-133)
  • Anime Epsidoes: 12 (73-84)

The Royal Knights arc is the eighth arc of the Black Clover series. Julius and the King of Clover Kingdom — Kira Clover decide to form a special op squad comprising of the best Clover Kingdom knights — the Royal Knights.

The Royal Knights selection will be a 3-on-3 battle to capture and destroy the enemy’s crystal. Asta forms a team with Mimosa and a mysterious character who claims himself to be the vice-captain of Purple Orcas.

While this arc does not have a direct impact on the story, this arc will showcase you the true strength of your favorite Magic Knights!

9. Reincarnation Arc

  • Manga Chapters: 82 (134-215)
  • Anime Epsidoes: 36 (85-120)

The Reincarnation arc, also known as the “Elf Resurrection” arc, is the ninth arc of the Black Clover series and the biggest one yet. It begins with Royal Knights invading the hideout of the Eye of the Midnight Sun.

Their plan seems to fail as the resurrection as completed, and all the elves that were massacred are back — in the bodies of current Magic Knights. It is an epic clash between fellow Magic Knights.

The arc progresses as the Apostles of Sephira — the strongest of elves opens the Shadow Castle, which was hidden inside the Clover Castle. The main antagonist of the series so far is revealed to be a devil — an otherworldly creature filled with malice who has been manipulation elves and humans for 500 years.

how many arcs in black clover

This arc contains the best and the most fierce battles of the Black Clover series, so make sure to watch/read the entire arc without leaving anything!

10. Asta’s Trial Arc

  • Manga Chapters: 14 (216-229)
  • Anime Epsidoes: 6 (121-126)

The Asta’s Trial arc is the tenth arc of the Black Clover series, which acted as a bridge between the ninth and eleventh arcs.

“While under elven control, Magic Knights have raised their grimoires against the Clover Kingdom and hence must be punished.”

To not punish its Magic Knights, the leader of the Magic Council and a member of Kira Family — Damnatio Kira tries to put Asta and Nero on a trial of using devil’s powers and acting against the Kingdom. 

They are then saved as the rest of the Black Bulls storm the Magic Council headquarters to take their members back.

Episodes 121 and 122 were from the manga, while the other four were just fillers. You can skip them if you want!

11. Spade Kingdom Arc

  • Manga Chapters: N/A (230-)
  • Anime Epsidoes: N/A (127-)

The Spade Kingdom arc is the eleventh arc of the Black Clover series and is currently ongoing.

how many arcs are there in blakc clover where to watch them

While the anime is just grazing the introductions of the Spade Kingdom arc, the manga is well into the story as of their latest releases (Chapter 247 & Episode 130).

II. Where To Watch/Read Black Clover Online

You can currently watch Black Clover TV anime at Crunchyroll, FUNimation, Hulu, Direct TV, Yidio, Fubo & Adult Swim.

You can also Buy Black Clover on Amazon!

Black Clover manga can be read online at Shonen Jump, and Manga Plus by Shueisha.

I have provided the links below for your convenience.

Watch Black Clover on:

III. Should You Watch Black Clover TV Anime Or Read The Manga?

The answer to both of them is simple and a very big YES! What seemed like a regular shonen at first, Black Clover manga and anime have been on a high-horse since the Elf Resurrection arc.

If you ask about Black Clover manga — yes, you should read it since its one of the best Shonen Jump manga ever. Tabata sensei has done an excellent work of distinguishing Black Clover from its other “magic-themed counterparts.”

If you ask about TV anime — it is subjective. While the Black Clover anime has its perks like being an anime, it can visually show us a lot of things that the manga couldn’t. Also, the Black Clover anime does not contain a lot of filler episodes. 

The only negative about Black Clover’s TV Anime would be its studio, the animation of Black Clover is far from the top-notch quality of animation that you can see in 2020. If you are willing to put up with that (like me), Black Clover TV anime is a must-watch.

IV. About Black Clover

Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since February 16, 2015, and has been collected into 22 tankōbon volumes.

The story centers around Asta, a young boy seemingly born without any magic power, something that is unknown in the world he lives in. With his fellow mages from the Black Bulls, Asta plans to become the next Wizard King.

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