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Gibiate Season 1: Release Info, Announcement, Trailer, Visuals

Back in July 2019 at Anime Expo LA, an original anime series named ‘Gibiate’ was announced by a group of legendary creators from the Game, Manga, and Anime genre in Japan. The group constituting the likes of Yoshitaka Amano, Naoki Serizawa, and Yuzo Koshiro proclaimed that the series would be released somewhere in Summer 2020.

The original anime series 'Gibiate'

It’s pretty gutsy for ‘Gibiate’ to air in these times considering its subject matter, and the pandemic world is facing right now, but the hype is for real, people have been patiently waiting for a release date, and now it’s finally here.

1. Season 2 Release Date

The original anime series ‘Gibiate’ is scheduled to premiere on July 15, 2020 and will run for a duration of 12 episodes.

“Anime Expo 2019” Event Report Closing Ceremony “Great Bird” PV for the first time and announcement of animation!

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2. Theory Section

On the surface, Gibiate looks like a generic isekai anime, but there’s more to what meets the eye. Set in a world where a virus has affected most of humanity, a ninja, a samurai, and a warrior monk takes it upon themselves to cure this disease while fighting the monsters.  

It’s rather unusual for an anime to come up with a plot such as this, but at the same time, it’s unique and exciting to look at.

The original anime series 'Gibiate'

Originality these days is a rarity, so if there’s a series which seems promising, one shall give it a try. Read further to know about the creators and other interesting facets of the show, which might affect the production.

I. About the Studio

There isn’t any announcement made regarding which studio is adapting the original anime series, although there are rumors that most probably, it will be a new studio.

II. First Impressions

[GIBIATE] The 2nd Anime Trailer

The video kicks off with the character designs by Amano, which looks great, and then we are introduced to actual characters.

There are a few snippets of them depicting their characteristics and morality. The animation is decent; it kind of resonates with the genre. Overall, it seems good.

III. About the Creators

Ryou Aoki is the writer of Gibiate. He’s relatively new to the anime industry and has a manga to his name which goes by ‘Shibuya Hachiko-Mae’ written alongside with Tohru Fujisawa, writer of Great Teacher Onizuka.

Yoshitaka Amano, the legend, is a character designer in this project, and he did a brilliant job. He’s widely known for his character designs in the ‘Final Fantasy Series.’

The music is in safe hands if Yuzo Koshiro is on the team. He is famous for composing music in games such as Castlevania, Super Smash Bros, ActRaiser, and Streets of Rage.

3. Production Update

Ryou Aoki, the chairman of the ‘Gibiate Production Committee’ in May, confirmed that the original series would be premiered only in July 2020.

They are advancing the production and covering up all the work, which was affected by the spread of Covid-19 and the emergency lockdown in Japan. Most probably, there won’t be any delay at all.

4. Key Visual

The original anime series 'Gibiate'

Back in January this year, a key visual illustrated by the legendary Yoshitaka Amano was revealed for ‘Gibiate,’ which featured the three main characters from the upcoming anime tv series.

The original anime series 'Gibiate'

This is the main key visual for the anime series. The character looks like they will be going against some compelling challenges against the terrifying disease, which has been wiping out the whole humankind.

5. Teaser/Trailer

【GIBIATE】The 3rd Anime Trailer

This trailer has crossed 4 million views on social platforms and has wreaked havoc on the internet. The video shows a bit more about how the virus started and a backdrop of the main cast.

6. Fandom’s Response

People have been showing their love towards the original anime TV series. They are pretty excited about the show, and why shouldn’t they be.

The third PV of the anime #GIBIATE will be released on Friday, May 1st! Sparkles
The ending song “ENDLESS” by #SUGIZO, #Maki Oguro and #Maya from #LUNASEA will be unveiled for the first time Multiple musical notes
If you say it earlier, “ENDLESS” is too cool.
No, I think it’s better to say that it is beautiful Pleading face Sparkles Look forward to Two hearts

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7. Cast and Staff

The official cast and staff for the series are –

CharacterStaffOther works
Kanzaki SenzuiKakihara Tetsuya12-sai
Funada KathleenFujii yukioAhiru no Sora
Sanada KenrokuTouchi HirokiAngel Beats
Onikura YukinojouHazam MichioBlack Jack
PositionStaffOther works
ProducerAoki Ryo                  –
DirectorKomino MasahikoAccel world
StudioStudio elleGuskou Budori no Denki
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8. About Gibiate

Gibiate is an upcoming original anime tv series written by Ryou Aoki, produced by Yoshitaka Amano and directed by Masahiko Komino.

The original anime series 'Gibiate'

It’s the year 2030, and a deadly disease has infected all of humanity, turning them into different forms of grotesque monsters based on their ages, sexes, and races. Just then, out of the blue, a samurai and a ninja from the Edo Period, along with a warrior monk from the Sengoku Period, appears in the blighted wasteland of Japan.

After knowing what has happened to the world, the trio ventures on a journey to cure the disease with the help of Dr. Yoshinaga and a girl named Kathleen Funada.

Source: Gibiate

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