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Fairy Tail Fillers: Are They Worth Watching?

There is one aspect that stirs up the most controversy among people about Fairy Tail, and that is the fillers. There are 63 fillers in total in Fairy Tail, making them about 19%.

Some fans love them; others feel they’re a waste of time. If you want to watch Fairy Tail without fillers but are curious to know what they’re really about, follow the guide below and decide which fillers are worth your time!

Fairy Tail is an anime that has a love-hate relationship with many otakus. On the one hand, it has amazingly animated and well-choreographed battles, while on the other, it lacks a gripping storyline where the characters indulge in stupidity.

However, there is no denying that despite its occasional dips, the show is memorable and has one of the best RPG mechanics in anime. The characters are attractive, and the soundtracks are fun to listen to.

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Fairy Tail Filler List

I. Season 1 (2009-10)

Episodes: 48

Filler: 9, 19

  • Natsu Eats a Village (Episode 9)

On their way back to Magnolia, Team Natsu and Makarov Dreyar get lost in the Clover Canyon and are extremely hunger-stricken.

Their hunger drives them to a mysterious and desolate village whose only inhabitants are monsters that shape-shift into ordinary-looking houses.

  • Changeling (Episode 19)

The Fairy Tail Guild encounters peculiar magic called “Changeling” on their request board. The magic exchanges the minds and magical abilities of two people, giving them only 30 minutes to figure out how to revert to their original bodies.

The magic cannot be undone after 30 minutes, and if they fail, they would be permanently be stuck in foreign bodies. They must figure out a way with only Levy to assist them.

II. Season 2 (2010-11)

Episodes: 24

Filler: 49-50, 69-72

  • The Day of the Fateful Encounter (Episode 49)

The episode takes place after the Harvest Festival and the Fantasia when Magnolia becomes calm again.

Lucy has a fateful encounter with a mysterious blue-haired girl, giving her a chance at romance. However, she is forced to choose between her friends and her date.

  • Special Request: Watch Out for the Guy You Like! (Episode 50)

Boy troubles ahead! Juvia accidentally releases a faulty passion portion she made for Gray that affects the orders. Something may or may not be going on between Lucy and Natsu.

  • Daphne Arc (Episodes 69-72)

Gray overhears rumors about dragon sightings and warns Natsu and Wendy. Wanting to uncover the truth, Natsu and Wendy decide to investigate it.

Slowly, it becomes clear that the dragon situation was just a set up by an accomplice of Gray, who uses artificial dragons to stage the whole thing. This elaborate plan takes its course so as to possess the powers of the Fairy Tail Guild.

Watch Order of Fairy Tail Fillers
Makarov Dreyar | Source: Fairy Tail Wiki-Fandom

III. Season 3 (2011)

Episodes: 28

Filler: 73-75

  • Daphne Arc (Episodes 73-75)

Continuation of the Daphne arc from season 2.

IV. Season 4 (2011-12)

Episodes: 25

Filler: 125

  • Key of the Starry Sky Arc (Episode 125)

Beginning of the Key of the Starry Sky Arc, a major portion of which takes place in season 5.

V. Season 5 (2012)

Episodes: 25

Filler: 126-150

  • Key of the Starry Sky Arc (Episodes 126-150)

Lucy’s cousin, Michelle, shows up at the Fairy Tail Guild to give Lucy a keepsake left to her by her dad. Following Michelle’s arrival, Lucy and her companions go on a journey to disclose the mysteries encompassing an antiquated gadget known as the Infinity Clock.

However, things take a turn with the involvement of the Legion Corps and the recently re-established Dark Guild, the Reborn Oración Seis. The destiny of the world as it is known is left in the hands of Fairy Tail.

VI. Season 7 (2014-15)

Episodes: 90

Filler: 202-226

  • Welcome Back, Frosch (Episode 202)

An unfortunate day for the Sabertooth guild begins when Lector loses Frosch while shopping. Rushing out to rescue him, the members find him trying to get back to the guild independently.

Not wanting to disrupt Frosch’s mini-mission, the members of Sabertooth secretly follow him while overcomes all the obstacles and safely returns to the guild.

  • Moulin Rouge (Episode 203)

Ezra narrates a story of the time she played billiards for the first time and met an imposter who claimed to belong to the Fairy Tail.

  • Eclipse Celestial Spirits arc (204-226)

The calamity following the Eclipse continues as the Twelve Zodiac Gates start behaving strangely. They refuse their summoning, change their appearance and personalities drastically, and sever the ties between them and the celestial mages.

They rebel and demand “total freedom,” standing up against anyone who tries to recover their bonds.

Watch Order of Fairy Tail Fillers
Mavis Vermillion | Source: Fairy Tail Wiki-Fandom

VII. Season 8 (2016)

Episodes: 12

Filler: 268

  • Treasure Hunt (Episode 268)

Mavis and Zera, the new addition to the group, travel along with the treasure hunters to Hargeon. Mavis discovers an ancient temple deep in the ocean, setting off the trigger to a new adventure.


The watching order for Fairy Tail anime isn’t complicated at all. Follow the release order, and you’ll be fine. The filler percentage is not high, being only 19%, so it’s totally up to you whether you want to watch or skip!

Watching Fairly Tail Zero before the main plot does not make much of a difference as it does not contain spoilers for the rest of the anime.

How to Watch Fairy Tail? Watch Order of Fairy Tail

Must Watch Fillers

Fairy Tale has only 19% of fillers. The filler arcs aren’t that long, and the individual episodes are few and far between. Even if you’re not a fan of fillers, here are some of them that really stand out!

  • Changeling (Episode 19)
  • Daphne Arc (Episodes 69-75)
  • Key of the Starry Sky Arc (Episodes 125-150)

Can You Skip The Fillers Without Missing Out?

Fillers are anime-exclusive episodes and arcs that are not included in the manga. Hence, you can skip them without missing out on major manga events. If you feel like the fillers are boring you, then do not hesitate to skip them!

The entirety of season 5 is a filler in Fairy Tail, so even if you skip the whole season, it won’t be an issue. You will not miss out on anything important if you skip the entire fifth season.

About Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima.

Watch Order of Fairy Tail Fillers
Fairy Tail | Source: IMDb

During his journey to explore the Kingdom of Fiore, Natsu Dragneel, a dragon slayer wizard from the Fairy Tail guild, becomes friends with a young celestial wizard named Lucy Heartfilia and invites her to join Fairy Tail.

Lucy agrees and forms a team with Natsu and his cat-like partner, Happy. Other members later joined the team: Gray Fullbuster, an ice wizard; Erza Scarlet, a magical knight; and Wendy Marvell and Carla, another dragon slayer and Exceed duo.

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