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Everything You Need to Know Before Diving into Star Wars: Visions this Fall

Star Wars: Visions is the latest addition to the legendary Star Wars franchise. What makes this newest installment even more precious for otakus is that several celebrated anime studios from Japan will be putting their own spin on the series.

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The idea behind Visions is to offer “a fresh and diverse cultural perspective to Star Wars.” Thus, we are here to give you every detail you could possibly need for the upcoming series.

Star Wars: Visions is set to premiere on 22nd September on Disney+ with nine episodes. Although ten episodes were initially announced last year, they were shortened to nine in this year’s Anime Expo Lite.

The studios participating in this grand event are Kamikaze Douga, Twin Engine, Trigger, Kinema Citrus, Production I.G., and Science SARU.

Two trailers have been revealed for this project so far. The latest trailer gives us a glimpse into each of the nine original episodes, and their various animation styles and storytelling techniques are enough to give me goosebumps.

Star Wars: Visions | Original Trailer | Disney+
Star Wars: Visions | Original Trailer

A trailer from last month gave us the backstory on how the Visions project came into being. The team behind the Star Wars franchise has always been inspired by anime and wanted to bring in a fresh take. 

The studios they approached readily took up the idea as avid Star Wars fans could be found in each.


With nine different episodes, keeping track of them is bound to get tricky. If you are interested in only episodes from specific studios, we have a complete list to keep track of them right here.

Original Episode TitleStudioOther Works by StudioDirectorOther Works by Director
The DuelKamikaze DougaAmanatsu (OVA)Takanobu Mizuno--
Lop and OchoGeno StudioGolden KamuyYuki IgarashiWonderland (Key Animation)
Tatooine RhapsodyStudio ColoradoA Whisker AwayTaku KimuraA Place Further Than the Universe (Assistent Director)
The Twins
Studio Trigger
Kill La KillHiroyuki ImaishiPromare
The ElderMasahiko OtsukaGurren Lagan
The Village BrideKinema CitrusBarakamonHitoshi HagaThe Rising of the Shield Hero
AkakiriScience SARUDEVILMAN CrybabyEunyoung ChoiBlack Lagoon (Key Animation)
T0-B1Abel GóngoraRide Your Wave (Key Animation)
The Ninth JediProduction I.GNeon Genesis EvangelionKenji KamiyamaGhost in the Shell

Kevin Penkin is composing the theme of “The Village Bride,” and Michiru Osama is composing for “The Twins and “The Elder” from Studio Trigger. 

Even a new virtual novel based on “The Duel” called “Ronin: A Visions Novel” written by Emma Mieko Candon and is set for release on October 12, 2021.

From Japanese lore alternate history in “The Duel” to exploring more about the Jedi Knights in “The Ninth Jedi,” the upcoming series will be full of pleasant surprises.

With so many renowned directors and studios working on Visions, Star Wars is bound to get a considerable boost this fall. 

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About Star Wars

Star Wars is a space opera franchise created by George Lucas. It all started off in 1977 with its very first film. The series has branched out into several media including tv series, video games, comics, and novels to name a few.

The film is focused on an era where humans co-existed with other species as well as robots. The original film covers the story of Luke Skywalker who is caught in the conflict between the Empire and Rebellion.

In 2021, the franchise released the Star Wars: Visions project which has an anthology of animated shorts from different Japanese anime studios.

Source: Star Wars Disney+

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