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Evangelion’s Studio Plans To Take Legal Action Against Threats From Fans

The waves Neon Genesis Evangelion made back in 1995 affect the anime industry to this date.

The critics and fans have praised Evangelion’s character, its captivating yet mysterious narrative, and the questions that are still unanswered. Such as the importance of relationships, dealing with isolation, and red hair vs white hair? 

Due to the series’s legendary status, Hideaki Anno, with his new animation studio Khara, set out to rebuild the Neon Genesis Evangelion. However, it seems like controversy has forced Studio Khara to make a stand for itself.

The incident came to light when Studio Khara released a notice stating that there have been acts of slander, threat, and suggestion of crime against its staff members who worked on the final Evangelion film. 

Though the studio has stated that they take the opinions of their viewers and fans seriously, they will not tolerate any acts of crime or heinous intentions that undermine the dignity of the individuals involved in work. 

In addition, the studio has promised that they will not hesitate to take legal action against those responsible. 

For Japanese individuals, they will report such incidents to the National Police Agency, and for foreigners, they will report such instances to their country’s respective investigation agencies. 

The controversy stems from the drama that spiraled out of the romantic pairing of two characters in the Final Evangelion film. Many fans were let down by this, so they decided to complain to the studio. 

However, some extremists took it too far, prompting the studio to take action. 

Evangelion’s Studio Plans to Take Legal Action Against Threats from Fans
Neon Genesis Evangelion | Source: IMDb

You would remember the arson last year, at Kyoto Studio where a disgruntled fan aged 41 set fire to the studio, killing 30 people while injuring more than dozen. The tragedy shook the entire anime industry, and the incident still remains fresh in Japan.

Therefore, such a move by Studio Khara is not an overreaction but a safeguard against any misfortune that may happen.

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About Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a Japanese anime television series produced by Gainax and Tatsunoko Production. It was directed by Hideaki Anno and broadcast on TV Tokyo from October 1995 to March 1996.

This series revolves around Shinji Ikari, who was recruited by his father to battle giant monsters (called Angels) in enormous mecha suits (called Evangelion).

Shinji has a hard time bearing this responsibility, and his inner conflict about these events leads to introspective episodes covering a range of religious and existential questions.

Source: Evangelion Official Website, Twitter

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