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Kyoto Animation’s Bank Account Raises 620 Million Yen By Donation

Recently, NHK reported, Kyoto Animation’s bank account opened on Wednesday to accept donations after the deadly fire at the Kyoto’s studio building on the 18th of July this year. Surprisingly, the company has raised 620 million yen (about US$5.6 million) since they began accepting donations. The company will give the funds to the families of the victims of the fire, as well as use some to rebuild their studio.

Kyoto Animation stated on Tuesday that they will post information regarding the fund-raising activities. The company updated information on Friday with links to other organizations that are raising funds for the studio, including Animate, the Japanese Animation Creators Association and The Association of Japanese Animations. Not only this, Sentai Filmworks’ GoFundMe campaign to help Kyoto Animation and the victims has raised more than US$2 million.

The Right Stuf retailer and other companies announced a related project on Thursday as well. As a part of this project, people can donate to Kyoto Animation’s bank account through Right Stuf’s website. There will be a special portal for the Kyoto Animation on Right Stuf’s website.  Right Stuf said it is collecting money until August 31st and then they will transfer the funds through a one-time international transfer. Right Stuf stated it will also make a contribution to the cause itself. 

Incident Report of Kyoto Animation

On 18th July 2019, Kyoto Animations’ studio building was set on fire by a 41-year-old man who allegedly used gasoline to start the fire. 34 people killed and 34 injured badly in this act of arson. 30 fire engines responded to the blaze and it took 5 hours to extinguish the fire. After the interrogation, the suspect told the police that he started the fire because Kyoto Animation allegedly stole his novel. However, Hideaki Hatta the president of Kyoto Animation stated that he has never heard the suspect’s name before, and no one by the suspect’s name has submitted a novel to the company. Hideaki Hatta confirms that he is considering demolishing the building and creating a public park in its place.

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