Dracula and Werewolf are rumoured to appear in the Blade

The blade is coming to the MCU in a few years and the unforgettable character will be played by Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali. The movie promises to be the gateway to Marvel’s supernatural side, which is totally unexplored. After the ten year journey of the MCU, we will finally be introduced to Vampires, Werewolves and other supernatural creatures.

The Major Update on the Blade reboot

We have heard from sources that the Blade Reboot will include two villains. We have already talked about the possibility of Dracula appearing as the main villain, and now a second villain is also being considered. The second villain is Vampire by Night, another fan-favourite character from the comics.

About Blade and The Villains

The Blade is one of the most formidable Marvel characters and is a vampire hunter. Blade is a Damphir, which means he is half-human and half-vampire. Marvel’s decision to reboot the franchise after so many years may be odd, but we aren’t complaining!

This time Mahershala Ali will play Blade, and he certainly has some huge shoes to fill considering the benchmark set by Wesley Snipes back in the day.

Who is Dracula?

Dracula is the most powerful of his kind. He is the Lord of Vampires and has superhuman strength (duh!) and other vampire-related powers and also vulnerabilities. The most horrifying power is hypnotism and shape-shifting. Being a vampire, he possesses a severe weakness to sunlight and must remain in the dark.

Dracula has made appearances in some of the Marvel animated shows and it will be great for new age fans to see him in live-action.

Who is Vampire By Night?

Nina Prince goes by the name Vampire by Night and is the niece of Jack Russell AKA Werewolf by Night. She is a hybrid and isn’t a villain in the comics. She has worked for S.H.I.E.L.D and the Howling Commandoes as well, but Marvel may introduce her as a villain.


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