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‘Dr. Stone’ Ch 230: Senku About to Strike a Crazy New Deal with Why-man

The recent Dr. Stone chapters define the word ‘crazy.’ Yet, somehow, chapter 230 goes beyond it all as Senku is ready to make a deal with the Medusas in private.

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The devices basically don’t know negotiation. For them, death is bad, and thus their petrification powers must benefit other life forms. The actions of humans who undid the petrification are therefore indecipherable to them.

Senku decides to strike a deal with these parasitic creatures, but why does he want it to be private? What kind of scary deal is it that it might face opposition from the rest?

Senku specifically says that he wants the Why-men to lend him their bodies. Has Senku thought up a plan to help the Medusas and humans cohabit while benefiting each other?

The Medusas can float in space, and since they have already petrified other species, they can travel in space. They must have already traveled from far beyond the observable universe of humans.

Since Medusas need to be saved from their corrosion by oxygen, Senku might be thinking of employing these devices for space travel while offering them a sanctuary, like a vacuum.

The Why-men can also communicate via electromagnetic waves across long distances. (They can already send messages to the Earth from the Moon.)

This trait can revolutionize the cell phone industry, as communication will improve tenfold.

‘Dr. Stone’ Ch 230: Senku About to Strike a Crazy New Deal with Why-man
Why-man | Source: Fandom

Yet, the question is, why did Senku ask for a private audience if his intentions were this noble? Is there a chance that his question might ignite a rebellion within the science crew?

What crazy plan is the genius scientist plotting in that brain of his? You have to wait in suspense along with the rest of the science crew to find out.

About Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone is a Japanese manga series written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi. It was serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump on 6th March 2017 and ended on March 7, 2022. Its chapters have been collected in 26 tankobon volumes.

Every human on the planet was turned into Stone after a mysterious flash of light hit Earth. Four thousand years after Senku, a student is confronted with a brand new world, an Earth without Humanity.

Now animals rule the world, and nature has reclaimed the planet. Senku and his friend Taiju begin trying to find a way to restore humanity.

Source: Viz Media

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