Dr. Stone Chapter 222 Reminisces the Heroes’ Journey Before Moon Mission

We all knew that this saga of talented and genius high schoolers living in the Stone Age would someday come to an end, and Dr. Stone’s latest chapter just reminded us of the inevitable.

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After remaking and rediscovering so many things that defined the 21st century, we’re finally at the last step of this exciting journey.

Team Science has finished the rocket ship and is now ready to take off to meet the final boss of the series, Why-Man.

But before that, the story just had to make us nostalgic and emotional, and the manga’s latest chapter captured it all perfectly. 

Dr. Stone’s chapter 222 took us on a rollercoaster ride as Senku fulfilled everyone’s wishes by reinventing various daily appliances to finish the rocket ship for final takeoff.

The entire chapter was filled with gags, inventions, brainy stuff beyond our understanding, and heartfelt emotions.

To complete the spaceship, Senku needed some last-minute products, which led to him inventing things that others had been asking for a long time.

Out of this reinvention spree, we got a washing machine, video camera, microwave oven, plastic wrap, and Taiju’s long-awaited demand, a smartphone. Yes, you heard that right. Senku made a touchscreen phone in the Stone Age.

As expected, our genius high schooler has some hidden motives to create the smartphone. Senku explained how the space rocket would have touch screens all over, which will be the ship’s final element.

Moreover, the chosen astronauts also got their spacesuits made, which completed the acquisition of the space mission’s three sacred treasures: the suit, spaceship, and rocket engines.

Dr. Stone Chapter 222 Reminisces the Heroes' Journey Before Moon Mission
Dr. Stone | Source: IMDb

The characters recalled how much they did and endured to reach this point with all of this. Senku mentions how he resolved that he and Taiju will build back civilization from a single stone and have come a long way since then.

Senku might always have ulterior motives behind what he does for others, but his friends are his topmost priority.

Creating all these daily necessities indicates how he’s preparing for the worst-case scenario of never making it back to Earth.

This possibility is upsetting, and others may not have realized it, but Senku always looks out for others.

This was just another way of him making sure they wouldn’t have to struggle without him and that humanity could keep progressing in his absence.

About Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone is a Japanese manga series written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi. It was serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump on 6th March 2017 and ended on March 7, 2022. Its chapters have been collected in 26 tankobon volumes.

Every human on the planet was turned into Stone after a mysterious flash of light hit Earth. Four thousand years after Senku, a student is confronted with a brand new world, an Earth without Humanity.

Now animals rule the world, and nature has reclaimed the planet. Senku and his friend Taiju begin trying to find a way to restore humanity.

Source: Dr. Stone Chapter 222

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