Does Shin become a General in Kingdom season 4?

Kingdom fans can’t seem to get enough of season 4. We’re just midway into the latest season and the action has already brought on its A-game.

Episodes 14 and 15 saw how Tou was promoted to Great General following the reformation of the Tou Army and his victory in Chiyoyou. He became the Second Great General of the Second Generation, following Mou Bu.

There were also 2 other promotions made during the award ceremony that has gotten me excited. Shin and Ou Hon were called on stage and promoted to the rank of 5000-Man Commanders, which is the rank directly below General.

But can Shin become a General before Ei Sei’s Coming of Age ceremony? Sei had promised him that if he could become General by then, he would make Shin the first General he sent on a conquest, taking Shin one step closer to achieve his dream.

With less that 2 weeks left for the coronation, will Shin make General by the end of season 4?

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Kingdom.

Shin will not become a General in Kingdom season 4. Season 4 of the anime will end with the 15th story arc – the State of Ai arc of the manga.

Shin becomes General at the end of the 18th arc – the Western Zhao Invasion arc, in chapter 642: First Class Examplary Reward.

When does Shin Become General? How?

Shin becomes General after the Battle at Shukai Plains at the time of Qin’s Gyou Campaign in 236 B.C.

The Battle of Shukai Plains is a major 15-day battle between the Ou Sen Army and the Ri Boku Army, which results in Qin’s victory over Zhao.

Does Shin become a General in Kingdom season 4?
Shin | Source: Official Website

The last we saw of Shin in the anime, he was officially promoted as the 5000-Man Commander due to his win over Rei Ou, The Great General of Wei and member of the Seven Fire Dragons.

After the promotion, Ai is still warring, worrying the capital city of Kanyou. Ryo Fui is furthering his own ambitions, while there are new signs of upheaval in Qin.

Two months after the victory in Wei’s Chiyoyou region, Qin begins building a fortress as a foothold into Wei. While Shin is assigned under Roku O Mi, Ou Hon is assigned to Ryuu Koku.

They head towards the borders of Chu to aid Mou Bu with reinforcements, and then Shin is commanded to oversee the construction of the fortress.

Tension builds as the day of El Sei’s coronation draws near. Kyou Kai gets promoted to 3000-Man Commander and with Shin’s 5000, the Hi Shin Unit becomes an 8000-Man Unit.

In the Koku You Campaign arc, the arc after the State of Ai arc, General Kan Ki and Shin fight against The Three Great Heavens’ General Kei Shai. Shin manages to kill him and the battle over the Central Hill is over.

In the Bureaucrats Job arc, Shin organizes a recruitment of 1000 soldiers with the highest stamina. He finds recruits with special abilities like archery, making his Hi Shin Unit stronger.

Further, in the Western Zhao Invasion arc, Shin and his unit are selected to attack the city of Gyou and the fortifications in western Zhao.

The 8000-man Hi Shin Unit goes against the 10000-man Gyou unit.

Does Shin become a General in Kingdom season 4?
Kingdom | Source: Kingdom

He manages to deflect two Zhao Generals, Gaku Ei and Chou Ga Ryuu, and push the right wing to the centre, right up to Ri Boku’s headquarters, where General Hou Ken, Zhao’s Second Generation of Great Heavens, waited.

Shin defeats and kills Hou Ken, which directly leads to Qin’s victory against Zhao. Due to the achievements of his unit and himself during the Gyou campaign, Shin is officially promoted to the rank of General.

Dude’s killed 2 Generals by the end of the Western Zhao Invasion arc. Which makes one question: is this enough for Shin to become Great General?

Does Shin Become a Great General?

The lieutenant of Shin’s Hi Shin army, Kyou Kai, is also promoted to the rank of 5000-Man Commander. With the other 2 lieutenants’ En and So Sui’s 1000-Man units each, the Hi Shin Army transforms into a 15000-Man Army.

Does Shin become a General in Kingdom season 4?
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But this still isn’t enough to become one of the 6 Great Generals of Qin.

Kan Ki, the Fifth Great Second Generation General, was capable of commanding a 50000-Man unit at Koku You Hills – and he wasn’t even a General yet.

In the manga, Shin is shaping up to be a great potential Six-Great-General. It’s his army that hasn’t reached that level.

A Great General commands an exceptionally talented and powerful army of Generals and Commanders, each individually capable of leading their own units into battle.

Shin still has some time to go before his next promotion, even in the manga.

It is likely that he will have to fight Kan Ki at least at some point; and perhaps that victory will give him a solid shot at becoming one of the Six Great Generals of Qin.

Which Chapters does Season 4 cover? What will Happen at the End of Season 4?

The end of season 4 will explore Chu and Wei’s invasion campaigns, the end of Queen Mother’s supremacy, the start of a new era for the state of Qin, and an unexpected parent-child relationship.

Season 4 consists of 26 episodes, out of which 15 have been released.

Does Shin become a General in Kingdom season 4?
Kingdom | Source: Official Website

Episodes 1-5 of season 4 covered the Kyou Kai’s Revenge and Conspiracy in the Court arcs, that span chapters 364-378. Episodes 6-13 covered the Fire Dragons of Wei Arc, or chapter 379-401. Episodes 13-26 will cover the State of Ai arc – chapters 402-437.

Each episode of the anime covers multiple chapters from the manga, most often, 1-3 chapters per episode. The most recent episode 15 covered chapters 407-409. Presumably, the final episode of season 4 will cover material ranging from chapters 435-437.

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In the story, Xin fights to become the most significant general under the heavens, and in doing so, unifying China for the first time in history.

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