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Doctor Doom gets a Disney+ series in MCU Phase IV or V

Doctor Doom is one of the Marvel’s most formidable villains of all time. His foray onto the big screen, however, was utterly miserable. Fox studios wasted the potential of the character and we demand justice and something fantastic! After the Disney-Fox merger and the consequent re-acquisition of the Fantastic Four and other characters, hopes of die-hard fans have risen. The question is how they are going to introduce Doom in the MCU?

As per sources (and rumours), Marvel is planning a Disney+ series for Doctor Doom. Victor Von Doom aka Doctor Doom may be getting his own Disney+ series which won’t feature the Fantastic Four. Disney will reboot the Fantastic Four, and they will be getting their own movie in the future.

If all goes well, we could expect a Doom series in the future and maybe even the next big bad guy in the MCU in Phase 4 or 5. Earlier Norman Osborn was considered, but with the Disney and Sony divorce, this is unlikely.

A month ago Noah Hawley, said he has a script ready for a Doom movie and that Marvel would surely turn it down. Fox Studios was planning a Doom movie with Noah Hawley being the director.

Why we need a great Doom movie?

The earlier onscreen adaptations of Doctor Doom are unsatisfying and poorly executed. Fox even went for a reboot, and it didn’t work. The Doctor Doom presented was goofy whereas the classic comic Doom is a badass. He is more skilled and intelligent than Tony Stark and his magic skills compete with Doctor Strange.

Kevin Feige and the team will hopefully utilize the potential of Doctor Doom’s personality and powers. There are rumours about Hugh Jackman amongst others being eyed for the role. Fans would welcome a Fantastic Four vs. Doom movie and based on this years’ MCU offerings, it may well be successful.

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