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Cinderella Nine Game Receives Live-Action Series with New Plot this Summer!

Cinderella Nine might be getting one of the most interesting live-action adaptations yet!

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Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine is a smartphone gacha game where you build your baseball team full of beautiful girls. Since its launch in 2017, fans were pulled in by its headstrong characters, such as Tsubasa Ariharaas. 

Even with a 12 episode anime adaptation of the game that aired in 2019, the series has not seen enough action. However, a brilliant piece of information just dropped!

According to the TV Tokyo official source, Cinderella Nine will be getting a live-action series titled “August is at the Batting Cage at Night.” The broadcaster also revealed that the series will start airing on TV Tokyo from 7th July. 

📢 Hachinai drama follow-up!

Hachinai original TV drama “August is at the batting cage at night. 』\

#Nagisa Sekimizu and #Toru Nakamura W starring has been decided

🎉 For more information Drama official twitter

( @ tx_hachinai89 ) And ⬇️ Check the official website 👀


English Translation, Twitter Translate

“August is at the Batting Cage at Night” will be the first live-action adaptation of the Cinderella Nine game; it previously had an anime adaptation by TMS in 2019. 

The main cast of Cinderella Nine includes:

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CharacterCastNotable Work
Mai NatsubaNagisa Sekimizu Usui Sakiyoshi (Anonymous: Keishicho ”Yubisatsujin” Taisakushitsu)
Tomohiro ItoToru NakamuraNishina Makio (Tokkai: Furyousaiken Tokubetsu Kaishubu )

The staff of Cinderella Nine includes:

PositionStaffNotable work
ScreenplayYoshitatsu YamadaThe Naked Doctor
DirectorHiroto HaraJourney to Japan Borojuku
ProducerYohei Terahara
ProductionTV TOKYO

However, the hit original game fans will be surprised to know that the TV series will have a different story. 

Even the fan-favorite protagonist Tsubasa Ariharaas from the game and anime might not return in live adaptation. 

The story in “August is at the Batting Cage at Night” follows a 17-year-old who works at the Batting cage and her interaction with a mysterious man who claims to understand the worries and conflicts just by observing their batting.

The show’s producer and staff members claim to be baseball lovers and thus, their enthusiasm seeps into the story. Hakuhodo Kettle and Shota Hatanaka, the producers, explain that the show follows the theme of “baseball leads to life” that led to an entirely new “human baseball drama.”

They have promised that they are keeping the spirit of the original story alive by upholding the motif of drawing human growth through baseball. 

This summer, we can expect a sweet adult drama that shows human growth through baseball! No matter what, this will be an exciting watch!

About Cinderella Nine

Cinderella Nine is a free-to-play mobile video game for iOS and Android published by Akatsuki and Kadokawa. An anime television series adaptation of the original game by TMS Entertainment.

When Arihara Tsubasa enters Rigahama Municipal High School and learns that it has no baseball club, she starts up the Girls’ Baseball Club on her own.

Drawn to the club are girls who have never played baseball before, girls who once played it but quit, and girls who are constantly tackling great challenges.

Source: Cinderella Nine Official Twitter

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