Anime Hakozume News

New Domain Reveals Witty Cop Drama Hakozume is Set for Anime Adaptation

Hakozume is the latest addition in the much-loved police anime genre, which houses thrilling Detective Conan to hilarious KochiKame. When the mangaka Miko Yasu herself is an ex-cop, we can expect a story that is grounded. However, our duo crime fighters Seiko Fuji and Mai Kawai often find[…]

Hakozume Live-Action News

Hakozume-Tatakau!, Live-Action Female Detective Series Set for July Premiere

People love a great, well-written cop/ detective story. The theme has been incorporated in various films, anime, and manga. The upcoming live-action TV show “Hakozume-Tatakau!” is a notable addition to this popular genre. Based on the popular manga “Hakozume: Koban Joshi no Gyakushu” by Miko[…]