Catching up with Hunter x Hunter – What happened last? Series Recap, And More!

Shonen Jump recently announced via Twitter that Hunter x Hunter will officially be returning with brand-new chapters on October 23!

HxH has been on a 4-year-long hiatus, but Yoshihiro Togashi sneakily revealed this May that he was working on new chapters for the series.

With fresh material on the way, this is the perfect time to reread the manga. Even if you are a new fan, you still have time to read all 390 chapters because VIZ just announced that all of HxH will be available to binge-read in celebration of HxH’s return!

The quickest way to get all caught up with HxH is to read till the end of this article! Today I’m going to delve into where we left off last with all the main characters and the story, and give you a total arc-wise recap of the entire series.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Hunter x Hunter .

1. What happened last in the HxH manga?

The last thing that happened in the Hunter x Hunter manga was that Hinrigh teamed up with two new characters, Zakuro and Lynch, to kill Morena Prudo and find Hisoka on Tier 3 of the Black Whale. The fight with Morena and Hisoka’s reappearance has not yet taken place.

Chapter 390 is titled Clash: Part 1 and it is the last chapter of the Succession Contest arc, and also the last chapter that was ever released as part of HxH.

Chapter 392 will likely be Clash: Part 2, featuring the full fight between Hinrigh and Morena and the return of Hisoka, who had recently come back from the “dead” after his fight with Chrollo. He then enters the Black Whale to kill the Troupe Members inside.

2. Where is Gon? What happened last with Gon in the manga?

The last time we saw Gon was in the Dark Continent Expedition arc, an arc which isn’t really about Gon at all. He returns home to Whale Island as a “normal” kid and resumes his schoolwork. Gon lost his ability to use Nen to defeat Neferpitou.

Catching up with Hunter x Hunter – What happened last? Series Recap, & More!
Gon’s Fury and Frustration | Source: Fandom

In chapter 305, after Kite’s death, Gon unleashes his rage and sorrow and requests from his Nen the maximum power it would ever have. He turns into an older version of himself and punches him into a mountain.

In chapter 338 of the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc, Killua tells Gon that it was Alluka who had healed him after Gon lost consciousness. After that, Gon and Killua part ways, Killua stating that he wants to travel the world with his sister, Alluka.

Gon finally meets his father Ging in person and talks to him at the World Tree. Gon returns his dad’s Hunter License to him.

After departing, they speak again, this time over the phone. This is when Ging helps Gon realize that he has lost the ability to use Nen and cannot sense his aura since Alluka probably reverted him back to “normal” while healing him.

This is where we left off with Gon, who’s been our trusted protagonist since chapter 1. Yes, he’s been side-lined multiple times in favor of other characters, but there was never a doubt that he is and will always be our MC.

The new chapters are bound to delve into Gon’s life, his new journey, and how he will get his Nen back.

3. What happened last with Killua in the manga?

Killua parts ways with Gon at the end of the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc to travel the world with his sister, Alluka/Nanika. We do see Killua in the Succession Contest arc, where he has a phone conversation with Kurapika.

What happened last with Killua in the manga?
Killua and Alluka | Source: Fandom

Kurapika tells Killua about his project of getting Hunters closer to the princes in the form of bodyguards, and Killua recommends Biscuit Kreuger for the job.

We are bound to get more of Killua – I mean, that’s not even in question. Killua will likely return in action at the same time as Gon.

4. What happened last with Kurapika in the manga?

We last saw Kurapika in the Succession Contest arc, where he hires 5 Hunters to infiltrate the Kakin princes’ security detail.

Kurapika takes on the job of protecting Queen Oito and Princess Woble, and ends up transferring Little Eye to the Queen. He trains all the bodyguards to awaken and use Nen.

Catching up with Hunter x Hunter – What happened last? Series Recap, & More!
Kurapika training the 16 bodyguards | Source: Fandom

In the Yorknew City arc, after Kurapika binds Chrollo with Judgement Chain, he leaves the city to continue his search for the Scarlet Eyes. In the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc finds several stolen Scarlet Eyes and holds a funeral for his clan members.

The Dark Continent Expedition arc, Leorio and Kurapika get an invite to join the Zodiacs and then, with Mizaistom determines that Saiyu is the mole inside the Zodiacs.

By the end of manga, Kurapika awakens all his students to Nen after giving them a total of 8 lectures about how it works.

The new chapter will definitely delve deeper into Woble’s connection to Kurapika, and the 9th Prince Halkenburg’s massive aura/Nen abilities.

5. What happened last with Leorio in the manga?

Leorio starts working in the medical facility as a doctor for Tier 3 of the Black Whale, journeying into the Dark Continent. He works under Cheadle, the current chairwoman of the Hunter Association.

As you’d likely remember, in the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc, Leorio punched Ging during the Zodiacs speech. After that in the next arc he and Kurapika are both invited to join the Zodiacs.

His presence as a highly regarded member of the Hunter Association, according to Cheadle, will help the Zodiacs gain the influence needed for their mission to succeed.

6. What happened with Chrollo Lucilfer at the end of the manga?

During the Succession Contest arc, Chrollo reveals some of his new abilities and overwhelms Hisoka with them, but Hisoka manages to kill Kortopi and Shalnark.

Chrollo teams up with members of the Phantom Troupe to find Hisoka. They’re last seen making their way from Tier 5 to Tier 4 through the central passage.

After Kurapika bound him with Judgement Chain, he couldn’t use his Nen. In the Greed Island arc, he finds the exorcist Abengane who removes the Chain from his heart.

With his Nen back, he stole more abilities so he could fight and win against Hisoka in the Succession Contest arc.

Catching up with Hunter x Hunter – What happened last? Series Recap, & More!
Chrollo showing Hisoka his new abilities | Source: Fandom

At the end of the manga, there are more than a few people looking to find and kill Hisoka on the Black Whale. Chrollo is one of them.

7. What happened last with Hisoka in the manga?

After Hisoka lost to Chrollo because of the latter’s new abilities, Hisoka is engulfed in an explosion caused by Chrolla, and is almost dead. But his aura re-emerges and he comes back to life, healing himself.

He next appears and kills Shalnark and Kortopi, on his way aboard the Black Whale to kill the rest of the Troupe.

Hisoka has always been one of the best characters in the series, even though he’s technically a villain.

When Hisoka lost to Chrollo at Heavens Arena, a lot of people couldn’t really process it. But Hisoka seems to be on a revenge spree now, wanting to kill all the Troupe members.

Hinrigh, Lynch, and Zakuro of the Xi-Li family are on the lookout for Hisoka along with the Chrollo and the Phantom Troupe.

8. Total Recap of HxH Arc-Wise

I. What happened in the Hunter Exam arc?

Catching up with Hunter x Hunter – What happened last? Series Recap, & More!
Hunter Exam arc | Source: Fandom

The Hunter Exam arc is the first arc of Hunter x Hunter. It is where Gon leaves for his journey to become a Hunter and find Ging, his dad. He is joined by Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio and has to pass the Hunter exam to gain the Hunter License.

It consists of chapters 1-38.

Gon and the rest have to take deadly tests and fight dangerous beasts to become a Hunter. This is where we see what being a Hunter actually means.

It is also where the heroes and villains are set up – the Phantom Troupe, the Kurta Clan, and the Scarlet Eyes are mentioned, and the villain of the series, Hisoka, is revealed.

Here are all the important things that happened in the Hunter Exam arc:

  1. Gon leaves Whale Island to head for the Hunter Exam.
  2. Gon meets Kurapika, Lerio, and Killua – Killua is set up as his equal – and eventual best friend.
  3. Hisoka is introduced as the villain.
  4. Netero is introduced.
  5. After 4 phases of the exam, the Hunters face-off with each other in the Final Phase.
  6. Gon is the first one to pass the 287th Hunter Exam, followed by the 6 others.

II. Zoldyck Family arc

Catching up with Hunter x Hunter – What happened last? Series Recap, & More!
Zoldyck Family arc | Source: Fandom

The Zoldyck Family arc is the second arc of Hunter x Hunter. It is where Gon, Leorio, and Kurapika travel to Padokea, Killua’s home country, and rescue him from assassins.

It consists of chapters 39 to 43.

This is an anime-only arc that takes place after the Hunter exam. It gives insight to how Killua was raised and how he was raised.

Here are all the important things that happened in the Zoldyck Family arc:

  1. All the Zoldyck family members are introduced.
  2. The young Hunters become stronger in order to save their friend.
  3. Killua promises his father that he will never betray his friends.

III. Heavens Arena arc

Catching up with Hunter x Hunter – What happened last? Series Recap, & More!
Heavens Arena arc | Source: Fandom

The Heavens Arena arc is the third arc of Hunter x Hunter. This is the arc Nen is officially introduced in the franchise. Gon and Killua go to Heavens Arena to train and compete under Wing.

It consists of chapters 44 to 63.

Gon, Killua, and Kurapika all learn the basics of Nen during this arc. Hiskoa returns, this time as a part of Phantom Troupe, and Gon manages to land a punch on him. Machi stitches up Hisoka’s arm, being a Spider from the Troupe.

During the face-off match of the Heavens Arena tournament, Gon uses his dad’s fishing rod against Gido. Later, Hisoka promises to fight Gon and tells him he’ll let him know when. This is how we know that Gon is going to shape up to be quite the fighter – if Hisoka agreed to fight him.

During the fight, although Gon loses, Hisoka is impressed with his skills. This is a good build up to Gon’s side-quest: defeating Hisoka one day.

Nen types are introduced and our 3 boys gets told which type they are! Wing uses Water Divination to reveal that Gon is an Enhancer, Zushi a Manipulator, and Killua a Transmuter.

Here are all the important things that happened in the Heavens Arena arc:

  1. Wing opens Gon and Killua’s Aura nodes
  2. First introduction of Nen types and revelation of Gon, Killua, Hisoka, Wing, and Zushi
  3. Gon vs. Hisoka – Gon loses, but aims to defeat Hisoka one day
  4. Gon and Killu pass the final Hunter’s test at Heavens Arena

IV. Yorknew City arc

Catching up with Hunter x Hunter – What happened last? Series Recap, & More!
Yorknew City arc | Source: Fandom

The Yorknew City arc is the fourth arc of Hunter x Hunter. It focuses mainly on Kurapika and his Mafia involvement, the secret about his clan and the Scarlet Eyes. The Phantom Troupe becomes the target of his revenge.

It consists of chapters 64 to 119.

Gon returns to Whale Island and shows his Hunter License to Mito who almost breaks it. Gon fins the box that Ging left him, which has a tape, a ring, and a memory card.

Kurapika meanwhile is hired as a bodyguard in the Nostrade Mansion where he meets Melody and the rest.

Chrollo Lucilfer is introduced and his fortune-telling and stealing ability revealed. There is bloodshed and violence that ensues, with Spiders, assassins, Mafia, and the police involved.

Gon and Killua are kidnapped by the Phantom Troupe and we see how Kurapika would choose his friends over his revenge.

Here are all the important things that happened in the Yorknew City arc:

  1. Nen vows and limitations are introduced along with Kurapika’s Judgement Chain.
  2. Kurapika kills Troupe members Uvogin and Pakunoda, deepened the animosity between him and Chrollo.
  3. Kurapika uses his Judgement Chain on Chrollo, forbidding his use of Nen.
  4. Hisoka resigns from the Troupe.

V. Greed Island arc

Catching up with Hunter x Hunter – What happened last? Series Recap, & More!
Greed Island arc | Source: Fandom

The Greed Island arc is the fifth arc of Hunter x Hunter. Gon and Killua participate in the dangerous Greed Island game where they meet Biscuit Kreuger, and fight against the 3 Bombers.

It consists of chapters 120 to 185.

Biscuit trains Gon and Killua in the Greed Island Badlands so they can defeat the Bombers, kill the deadly creatures, and in the game.

In the end, Gon’s team defeats the Bombers and Gon, Killua, and Biscuit leave Greed Island.

Here are all the important things that happened in the Greed Island arc:

  1. Biscuit Krueger is first introduced
  2. The concept of Post-Mortem Nen is introduced
  3. Killua finally passes the Hunter Exam
  4. Gon is the first guy to clear Greed Island
  5. Chrollo Lucilfer and the Phantom Troupe locate an exorcist to remove Kurapika’s Judgement Chain from his heart – Chrollo can use Nen once again

VI. Chimera Ant arc

Catching up with Hunter x Hunter – What happened last? Series Recap, & More!
Chimera Ant arc | Source: Fandom

The Chimera Ant arc is the sixth arc of Hunter x Hunter. It is the longest arc of the series and follows Gon and Killua’s adventure against the Chimera Ants who are feasting on humans. They join the Extermination Team from the Hunter’s Association to get rid of the threat.

It consists of chapters 186 to 318.

The Chimera Ant Queen is introduced followed by the rest of the man-eating Chimera Ants, who are slowly infesting the world.

Neferpitou is born in the Chimera Ant King’s Royal Guard and we’re shown how dangerous she is. She kills Kite and keeps his body. Later, Kite is manipulated into fighting Gon. While fighting Knuckle, Gon loses his aura for 30 days.

King Meruem is introduced. Netero and Zeno Zoldyck infiltrate his palace and battle with the Royal Guard. There’s an awesome 1-v-1 with Netero and Meruem and we see how even one of the strongest Hunters is no match for Meruem.

Gon sacrifices himself and his Nen to become powerful enough to defeat Pitou. He grows older, and defeats her. Meruem also passes away, undefeated.

Here are all the important things that happened in the Chimera Ant arc:

  1. Chimera Ants are introduced as non-human creatures capable of using Nen.
  2. The strongest character we’ve seen till date, Meruem, is introduced.
  3. Kite dies.
  4. Pitou, Pouf, and Youpi are introduced.
  5. Gon temporarily loses his Nen.
  6. Gon uses everything he has against Pitou
  7. Nanika/Alluka heals Gon and Gon ends up losing his ability to use Nen
  8. Netero dies.

VII. 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

Catching up with Hunter x Hunter – What happened last? Series Recap, & More!
13th Hunter Chairman Election arc | Source: Fandom

The 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc is the seventh arc of Hunter x Hunter. It involves the election of a new chairman for the Hunters Association after Netero’s death. This is when Gon meets his father, Ging, and Killua parts ways with Gon.

It consists of chapters 319 to 339.

The Zodiacs come to the Hunters Association and it’s revealed that Ging is a part of them. Ging announces himself as a candidate to replace Netero. The rules for the upcoming election are announced.

Pariston wins the first election with Cheadle coming in second.

We’re shown a flashback with Killua and his sister Alluka, and told about her wish-granting abilities. Killua recites the rules of Zoldyck family regarding Alluka’s power.

Hisoka arrives to fight the Zoldyck brothers and kills Gotoh.

The Pure Paladin Squad of elite Hunters is revived with Teradein as the representative, Loupe the vice, and Bushidora the captain. Hisoka kills Teradein. Kite is reborn as a girl.

Gon wakes up after being healed. Ging waves to Gon and meets him for the first time.

Killua apologizes to Nanika and tells her never to grant other people’s wishes. Killua parts ways with Gon saying that he wants to travel the world with his sister.

Gon climbs the World Tree to talk to Ging and Gon gives back his father’s Hunting Licence which Kite had given him.

Here are all the important things that happened in the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc:

  1. The Zodiacs are introduced
  2. Gon is healed and regains consciousness
  3. Pariston becomes the new chairman of the Hunters Association, with Cheadle as his vice chairman. He resigns immediately, leaving Cheadle as the new chairman.
  4. Gon and Killua part ways.
  5. Gon meets Ging for the first time.
  6. Kurapika finds multiple Scarlet Eyes.

VIII. Dark Continent Expedition arc

Catching up with Hunter x Hunter – What happened last? Series Recap, & More!
Dark Continent Expedition arc | Source: Fandom

The Dark Continent Expedition arc is the eighth arc of Hunter x Hunter. The focus is on the Kakin Empire and the voyage into the Dark Continent, the homeland of the Chimera Ants.

It also involves Netero’s son, Beyond, and Kurapika’s goal to get to the Kakin princes when he finds out they own the last of his clan’s Scarlet Eyes.

It consists of chapters 340 to 348.

Here are all the important things that happened in the Dark Continent Expedition arc:

  1. Beyond Netero is introduced.
  2. The Kakin Empire, its king, and its princes are introduced.
  3. A Special Mission is given to the Zodiacs; led by Beyond, they would journey to the Dark Continent.
  4. The V5 is introduced.
  5. Ging and Pariston resign from the Zodiacs.
  6. Kurapika confronts Mizaistom about the Scarlet Eyes.
  7. Kurapika joins the Zodiacs to get to Prince Tserriednich, who has the last set of Scarlet Eyes.
  8. Leorio joins the Zodiacs.
  9. Gon speaks to Ging over the phone who tells him that he has become a normal kid again, and has lost the ability to use Nen.

IX. Succession Contest arc

Catching up with Hunter x Hunter – What happened last? Series Recap, & More!
Succession Contest arc | Source: Fandom

The Succession Contest arc is the ninth arc of Hunter x hunter. It follows the voyage of the Black Whale towards the Dark Continent and involves the Zodiacs, the Kakins, and the Phantom Troupe.

It consists of chapters 349 to the last released chapter 390.

Here are all the important things that happened in the Succession Contest arc:

  1. Hisoka and Chrollo have a showdown at Heaven Arena. Chrollo wins.
  2. Hisoka is “dead” but is revived with the help of Cheadle and his own technique of placing Bungee Gum on his heart and lungs before he was dealt the final blow by Chrollo.
  3. Hisoka vows to kills all the Spiders and exact his vengeance on Chrollo. He kills Shalnark and Kortopi, and Chrollo vows to finds Hisoka and kill him again.
  4. The Black Whale sets sail.
  5. Kurapika joins Queen Oito and promises to protect Prince(ss) Woble.
  6. Kurapika trains all the bodyguards and awakens their Nen.
  7. Kurapika loses 5 years of his lifespan because of Emperor Time.
  8. Kurapika transfers Little Eye to Oito
  9. Morena is introduced.
  10. Hinrigh is tasked with finding Morena and killing Hisoka.

9. About Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is a Shonen anime adapted from manga of the same name.

The story follows the adventures of a young boy, Gon, discovering that his dead father wasn’t dead but was a legendary Hunter. Instead of feeling dejected, Gon decides to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a great Hunter himself.

The job of a Hunter isn’t an easy one, and Gon needs to pass an exam to become an official hunter. He makes friends on this journey, and they all must help each other overcome any obstacles.

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