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Zazie Beetz Teases A Potential Return As Domino For Deadpool 3

Cable and Domino expected to return in the MCU’s Deadpool movie. The last few weeks for Marvel fans have been quite a roller-coaster ride thanks to the exit of Spider-Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but thankfully, there’s Deadpool.

Deadpool is supposedly going to make an appearance in the MCU soon, but we are not sure how it will be happening. We do have some news about the cast of Deadpool 3 however and some familiar faces are going to return in the ‘threequel’. Domino-the lucky lady and Cable- time travelling guy from the future are expected to return for the R-Rated franchise.

This is good news as both characters were loved in the second movie and gained praise from critics. The most exciting aspect is that Josh Brolin will be returning to the MCU even though technically he should be dead…you know Thanos and all that!

Deadpool will surely use his fourth wall breaking abilities to crack plenty of jokes about Cable and Thanos as both are the part of the MCU now.
Actress Zazie Beetz was recently asked about her return in the sequel of Deadpool 2 set in MCU, which she confirmed she would be a part of. While there is no official confirmation from the Disney itself, the actress may know about the future of Domino in the MCU. 

This tidbit comes to us by way of The Hollywood Reporter, who spoke to Beetz about a key scene in the newly-released Joker movie.

According to me, she was the best addition to the Deadpool series and became a favourite fan instantly. Her origin is a little different in the movies, but in the comics, she was Cables’ love interest. It will be interesting to see if Disney will follow that arc or make them work as partners only.

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