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Boros vs. Garou – The Strongest Alien against the Human Monster

Garou Vs. Boros is a fight that every OPM fan wants to see, and while they have never faced each other before due to certain circumstances (Rip Boros), many hold their own opinion on who would win in a showdown.

One Punch Man is a show where there are no definite power levels, and the abilities of the characters are so broken that they can only be compared by seeing how one fares against Saitama.

If a character manages to stay alive after being hit with his punch once, they are already one of the strongest in the series.

However, in the end, very few have managed to survive even a casual punch against the bald-caped hero, let alone have a serious fight against him.

Boros, the leader of the Dark Matter Thieves and the strongest alien, is one of the few people to have managed to last a few minutes against Saitama, despite his tragic end.

Recently, another character has popped up who has astonished fans with his tenacity and can equally match Boros when it comes to taking OPM’s punches – Garou.

With one regarding himself as the strongest alien and the other a monster, who would win in a fight?

To predict the results, let’s first take a look at each of their strengths, weaknesses, and feats.

1. Boros – The Strongest Alien

Lord Boros is the leader of the Dark Matter Thieves and has been credited with being the strongest alien and opponent Saitama has ever fought yet.

I. Strength & Feats

Boros traveled through the entire universe and could not find a worthy match before meeting Saitama. Unfortunately, his own strength was severely lacking and resulted in his death. Nevertheless, his fighting prowess was enough to shock the fans.

Boros vs. Garou – The Strongest Alien against the Human Monster
Boros | Source: Fandom

Not only was he able to survive multiple punches from Saitama, but he was also strong enough to kick him to the moon and regenerate after being torn to pieces (literally).

When drawing on his full strength, Boros can fire laser beams with enough power to decimate planets, let alone cities.

Gifted with immense strength, speed, regeneration, and energy release techniques, Boros was the first enemy who survived a normal punch from Saitama, a notable feat considering all of the previous disasters had been obliterated, while he simply had his armor destroyed.

In fact, Boros was hit with 3 Normal Punches, 1 Consecutive Normal Punches, and 1 Serious Punch.

This puts Boros on a whole new level compared to the other enemies Saitama has faced before, with the hero himself stating Boros was the most powerful foe he had ever faced.

II. Weaknesses

Boros indeed has overwhelming strength; however, it comes with a significant drawback.

In order to power his last finishing move, i.e., the Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon, he needs to sacrifice all of his energy, resulting in an extremely weakened state.

Boros vs. Garou – The Strongest Alien against the Human Monster
Boros Defeated by Saitama | Source: Fandom

In fact, during his fight against Saitama, he could have survived a serious punch from him if not for his energy being exhausted by the attack.

2. Garou – The Human Monster

Garou is one of the characters in One Punch Man with the greatest sheer power, durability, and ferocity.

As a self-proclaimed monster, he has defeated hundreds of heroes and monsters, including S-Rank level opponents.

I. Strength & Feats

As a student of Bang, Garou faced off against his master, as well as Orochi, and lived to tell the tale. He even walked away from Saitama’s strikes and went toe to toe with the ultimate monster Orochi, all while half-dead.

Boros vs. Garou – The Strongest Alien against the Human Monster
Garou | Source: Fandom

In the manga, after being awakened, Garou is strong enough to create shockwaves with punches and is fast enough to defy gravity itself.

Furthermore, he can slow his own perception of time and create lasting afterimages, resulting in predicting his opponent’s movements.

In a fight against Saitama, he was able to predict the trajectory of the hero’s punches and even successfully dodged them.

Besides his raw power and skill in martial arts, Garou can regrow lost limbs and recover from massive internal damage within moments.

II. Weaknesses

Garou’s final form is not as agile as his previous forms, and his adaptation ability cannot catch up to the sudden boosts in his opponent’s power.

Boros vs. Garou – The Strongest Alien against the Human Monster
Garou | Source: Fandom

Furthermore, it quickly wears down if used beyond its limits. He is also naturally weak against opponents like Watchdog Man, who have incredibly unique fighting styles.

3. Boros Vs. Garou – Verdict

There are two things I must clear before pronouncing a winner.

The first is that Murata himself has stated that both Boros and Garou are of similar strength, which means that this verdict will just be an opinion based on their strength and feats.

The second is that Boros and Garou’s capability and power differ in the manga and webcomic, due to which, I’ll only be considering the former.

Boros has an overwhelming superiority in terms of physique, combat experience, regeneration, and long-range energy attacks. On the other hand, Garou has high adaptability and can best anyone in a one-on-one short-range fight.

Boros vs. Garou – The Strongest Alien against the Human Monster
Boros vs Garou | Source: Fandom

Boros can defeat Garou by using the Meteoric Burst Cannon as it has the power to annihilate an entire planet.

The condition is that it manages to hit his opponent, which won’t be too challenging to accomplish given his speed.

However, this match won’t be easy by any means as Garou has obscene durability and control over martial arts, especially in his awakened “God” state.

In the end, regardless of who wins, this match would have been bound to be epic if Boros was alive. Thankfully, Garou is still around, and we haven’t seen him reach his peak yet.

4. About One Punch Man

One-Punch Man is a Japanese superhero webcomic created by the artist One in early 2009.

It has a manga adaptation illustrated by Yusuke Murata, as well as an anime adaptation. Following its publication, the webcomic quickly went viral, surpassing 7.9 million hits in June 2012.

On an unnamed Earth-like supercontinent planet, powerful monsters and villains have been wreaking havoc in the cities.

To combat them, the world’s government created a Hero Association that employs superheroes to stop them. The heroes are ranked from Class C to Class S.

Saitama, an unassociated hero, hails from the metropolis of City-Z and performs heroic deeds for his own entertainment.

He has trained himself to the point where he broke his “limit” and can effortlessly defeat any opponent with a single punch while slaying monsters the same way. But he is now bored with his omnipotence and frustrated by sensing he lacks a challenge.

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