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Batwoman gets poor Rotten Tomatoes ratings

The latest Batwoman on the CW network is already a centre of controversies and it hasn’t even hit TV yet! The teasers and the trailers have gained significant criticism, and the dislike is turning into hatred.
The first reviews of this female lead show are out, and they are not great.

The show is currently rated 60% on Rotten Tomatoes with five reviews. As much as people have strong feelings towards superhero characters, the ratings still fall short of ideal. For instance, the ratings of other Arrowverse shows like Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl were much higher – between the 90-100% range.

I may not be 100% correct, but the rating is likely to improve on the way. A similar thing happened with the Legends of Tomorrow if one jogs memory backwards. The show had a dismal first season, but now it is one of the fans favourite shows with a solid cast improving over time. So there is a chance that Batwoman will improve on its way.

Critics are clearly not happy with the pilot episode. JoBlo’s review says that when it’s “not trying too hard,”, the pilot “works decently.” However, it “falls apart” with its forced messages.

The two popular websites, and, IGN, have spoken about issues with the cast and that the main character lacks a presence, and the supporting cast is poor. On the other hand, Den of Geek is much more favourable, calling the show a “stylish entry into the Arrowverse.” ScreenRant approves, telling that the pilot displays “the show understands that the best Batwoman stories are about integrity.”

My inner DC nerd is waiting for the show to air on 6th October and also to see Batwoman with other Arrowverse characters on the crisis event.

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