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Batwheels: New Animated DC Series On Batmobile Coming Soon

Attention comic book fans, DC is coming up with a new animated series called Batwheels. But this time, the crime-fighting superheroes will not be humans. Batwheels will center on the vehicular sidekicks of the human superheroes. Expect it to come soon because the production of the show has already begun!

Warner Bros. has revealed that Batwheels will feature some of the most famous DC comics cars. Along with their human counterparts, the newly-formed team of apperceptive cars will join the fight to save Gotham City from evil.

Chief among these smart cars is Bam, The Batmobile. His team consists of Bibi, the Batgirl Cycle, Red, the Redbird, Jett, the Batwing and Buff, the Bat Truck. They are basically a bunch of kids who are trying to adjust to their superpowers and find their purpose.

Batmobile from The Batman Trilogy | Source: IMDB

Any show that is set in Gotham, or is remotely connected to the Caped Crusader will pique the interest of comic book fans. After all, Batman is (arguably) the best hero in the comic book universe. The sheer number of film adaptations, tv-series adaptations, comic book storylines and spin-offs can attest to that.

But with Batwheels, DC will be venturing into new territory- the show is primarily aimed at pre-schoolers. The action-comedy is the first of its kind; it will be interesting to see how DC, famous for creating complex and not children-friendly villains, puts a spin to its story to make it suitable for young kids.

We will surely check it out even if we are not the targeted demographic, because Batman!

Batwheels will be available on HBO Max and Cartoon Network on release.

Who is your favorite superhero? Will you watch Batwheels?

About Batwheels:

The Batcomputer has just created Bam, Bibi, Red, Jett, and Buff, a group of super-powered sentient cars. They are expected to help the human superheroes clean up Gotham City, but they have no experience in crime-fighting. Will they be able to realize their potential and work together as a team? Or will they remain to be highly developed pieces of metal?

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