Apple Slanders Epic’s Lawsuit as a Marketing Tactic

In their latest filing in the lawsuit against Epic, Apple is now stating that the lawsuit filed by Epic Games was simply a marketing tactic to fix the decline of their most popular game, Fortnite.

It seems that Lady Luck has completely averted her eyes from Epic Games.

Just take a look at all the controversies and lawsuits surrounding the company at the moment, and what I said is cemented even further!

Almost as if some effort to summon good fortune went very wrong, and instead, bad luck struck them down!

Only last month, Epic had filed a lawsuit against Apple in an effort to protect itself and continue developing games on Apple’s operating system.

Apple claims that “the lawsuit by Epic was just a marketing tactic.”
Epic Games

It is because around that time, Epic Games secretly rolled out an update for Fortnite on both the Play Store and Apple’s App Store, which allowed users to bypass the payment system set up by both the companies and conduct in-game transactions from the developers themselves.

As one would expect, that did not end well for the gaming giant, as Fortnite was instantly purged from both the Stores, which eventually led to them filing the lawsuit, as mentioned earlier.

That too did not favor them at all, as first of all, Apple threatened Epic Games with removing their developer accounts from the App store, meaning that Epic won’t be allowed to develop games for iOS and macOS.

Then, in the lawsuit itself, Fortnite was put on a cryogenic sleep of sorts, where it won’t be receiving any more updates for the time being, and will be allowed on the store after the removal on the payment system.

The battle royale mode’s paid counterpart, Save the World, will also become unplayable on macOS from this week.

But, if only that were the end of it.

Afterwards, US Government also issued a notice to Epic Games, along with Riot and Blizzard Entertainment, to inquire about their security protocols, which is certainly not going to end well for each gaming company.

Apple is also not letting Epic Games have a moment of rest, now stating in their latest filing against Epic that the entire move of filing a lawsuit was simply a cover for regaining some of Fortnite’s declining popularity.

According to them, there has been a severe decline in Fornite’s popularity since July of this year, especially in October 2019.

Apple claims that “the lawsuit by Epic was just a marketing tactic.”

To revive their dying game and perhaps, gain some popularity, Epic may have filed this lawsuit against Apple.

Considering how Epic is yet to make an official statement to refute the allegations, all we can do is wait and see how it all plays out when the motion comes to court on September 28.

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