Ant-Man 3 is canceled, may become a Disney+ Show

One thing that has been over-looked in the recent past full of announcements and MCU developments is the absence of Ant-Man. The Eternals, Black Widow and other movies have all gotten films in phase four of the MCU, but Ant-Men has seen no mention or attention.

Amidst the announcements of the highly anticipated sequels to Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange we noticed that any mention of Ant-Man was missing from the San Deigo Comic-Con and D23 Disney Expo.


Rumors are that the studio may well be simply too busy to make Ant-Man 3. The stars Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly are also working on other projects with confirmation that the former has signed up for Ghostbusters 2020 and hence may not be available until early 2021 and that Lilly has two sizeable projects – namely Dreamland and Happy Life – on her plate as well.

Reports now say that Ant-Man 3 is not happening at all. According to Cosmic Book news, the movie has been shelved and there may instead be a Disney+ limited series.

Why is Ant-Man 3 not happening?

The studio is already busy with the newly acquired Fantastic Four and X-Men. There were also reports that Kevin Feige wants more diversity in MCU and more focus would be on roles like Shang Chi and Blade. Moreover, a Disney+ series would make sense for Ant-Man.

While this is a rumour, it’s not hard to believe considering the information black out on the future of Ant-Man. Even if a third film was to happen, it would likely not be within the next five years.

I think Ant-Man movies are different and stand out among the MCU movies. The Disney+ series is the best thing for Paul Rudd and if it doesn’t happen, I am going to miss Ant-Man as are a lot of you I’m sure.


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