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Aggretsuko Season 3: Premiere Date, Visuals & News

Aggrestsuko, also known as Aggressive Retsuko, is a Japanese anime musical comedy franchise based on the eponymous character created by Yeti for the mascot company Sanrio.

Aggretsuko Season 3 Updates
Aggretsuko | Source: Reddit

An ONA series adaptation by Netflix was launched worldwide in April 2018 and it returned with a second season in June 2019. In August 2019, Netflix renewed the series for a third season.

1. Premiere Date

There’s good news for the fans waiting eagerly for Aggretsuko Part 3.

Netflix has officially confirmed that Aggretsuko Season 3 will premiere on August 27, 2020 and will run for a course of 10 episodes.

Fanworks studio has already begun the production for it.

2. Theory Section

Why should we look forward to this anime? Let’s look into the technical details such as the animation, the studio, and its popularity to check what influences the production of ‘Aggretsuko Season 3’.

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I. About the Studio

The only comedy anime on Netflix, Agrretsuko, is directed by Rarecho and produced under Fanworks Studio. They both produced works like Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai and Gakkatsu.

II. How popular is Aggretsuko?

Aggretsuko is stated by critics to be “Uniquely bleak, balances corporate satire with adorable characters and absurdist comedy.”

The show has been praised for its portrayal of Japan’s workplace culture, and the pressures that the millennial women face in the workplace.

IndieWire gave the anime show B+, The A.V Club praised the show for dealing with mature themes like misogyny and it holds 100% on Rotten Tomatoes for both its seasons.

III. Animation Quality

Sanrio is famous for its Hello Kitty merchandise everywhere and maybe Keroppi or Gudentama too. They are cute colourful characters found in Japanese history.

Aggretsuko | Sanrio Anime | Netflix
Aggretsuko | Trailer

But Agrretsuko is a bit different, it isn’t for kids by any stretch. The protagonist is still as cute looking as the other mascot characters but has a realistic edge to it that makes the show stand out.

It is charming to see adorable animal characters in a workplace and their corresponding relationships and personalities. Like Retsuko, who is a cute red panda but likes to belt out metal music at the end of the day.

IV. Was Season 2 any good?

Before Netflix popularized the full length anime show, Aggretsuko had over 100 short episodes. Having successfully found a platform on the streaming service, the popularity of the introverted red panda reached sky high.

The story follows a single, female, red panda in her mid-20s, Retsuko. It is a comedy about the unhappy accountant who sings her stress away at her haven, a karaoke bar.

The reason the audience is so raptured by the show and its female lead is because she is very relatable. The life of Retsuko is full of crap and fights back in a way only she knows. The fans are waiting eagerly for her return after a dramatic twist at the end of season 2.

3. New Key Visuals

No new key visuals for the third season of Aggretsuko have been released. Since this is an original anime and not adapted from novels or manga, it is difficult to predict what will happen next.

4. New Teasers/Trailers

There is a short trailer released by Netflix.

Aggretsuko: Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

5. Recap

In the previous seasons, we saw Retsuko who is an accountant in her mid-20s. She is easily frustrated by her job, co-workers and especially her chauvinistic boss. She then end her day by visiting a karaoke and screaming her stress out.

The show focusses on gender inequality in workplaces, societal norms, Retsuko’s relentless dreams of marrying a rich guy to leave her job. Her two friends support her whenever she’s down and help her through by singing in karaoke.

Aggretsuko Season 3 Updates
Aggretsuko | Source: Netflix

Even though she has bossy senior workers, bad clients, and failing love interests, Retsuko manages her life well. As we go down the twists and turns of relationships, Retsuko falls in love with a co-worker and in the end marries him.

6. Expected Storyline

From what we saw at the end of season 2, Retsuko’s routine of 5 years has changed! She gets into a relationship and now married the co-worker, Tadano.

In the season 3, we will get to see how her responsibilities and duties change. The story will revolve around Retsuko getting used to family and new routine. Will she still continue to sing death metal at nights… or being married has changed that?

7. Cast & Staff

There might not be any change in the cast and staff for the third season:

CastStaffOther works
RetsukoKaolipAggressive retsuko (Retsuko)
HyodouArai SoutaGakkatsu! (Kuroda)
TsunodaInoue RinaAggressive Retsuko (Fenneko)

8. About Aggretsuko

The series revolves around Retsuko‘s day-to-day life as an accountant at a Japanese trading firm. Dealing with everything from sexist superiors to obnoxious co-workers, Retsuko vents her emotions through death metal at the local karaoke bar she frequents.

After five years of being a corporate slave, she forms an unlikely friendship with the CEO’s secretary and the company marketing director. Will this be the break she needs to finally better her work life?

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