A Silver Surfer Movie is Reportedly In The Works At Marvel Studios

Post the Disney-Fox merger, we haven’t still got any definite word from Disney or Marvel regarding any upcoming projects related to the Fantastic Four or X-Men. The very fact that this is even possible any longer means that hundreds of fans are watching the studios with a hawk’s eye to know more.

Fortunately sources have relayed that a movie for Silver Surfer – Marvel’s cosmic superhero, is in the works. Details on the plot or anything else about movie are scarce other than the fact that the Silver Surfer  reboot is extremely likely.

Vice helmsman Adam McKay even expressed an interest in adapting the character for the big screen last year and while the director’s comments were made before the Disney- Fox merger, Kevin Feige from Marvel has since said that he looks forward to talking with McKay about the idea.

Right now it is not possible to say, on way or the other, about the future of the Silver Surfer in the MCU, but rumours seem to be picking up speed lately. At the SDCC 2019, Kevin Feige teased the development of the Fantastic Four and confirmed that they are back in the MCU. Rumours surrounding the introduction of Doctor Doom and Galactus into the MCU as the bad guys strengthen the speculation considering both are closely related to the Silver Surfer.

In the comics, Galactus is the source of the powers for the Silver Surfer, who embodies him with cosmic energy and Doctor Doom is one of the SIlver Surfer’s main enemies. The Silver Surfer is also one of the most important allies of the Fantastic Four.

It seems that Marvel has great plans for introducing these characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and surely the cosmic part will expand significantly. For now we have to wait for any official statement, but hopes are high for Marvel’s First Family joining the MCU.


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