7SEEDS Part 3: Release Info, Rumors, Updates

7SEEDS is a survivor style anime where a group of people finds themselves lost in the wilderness with no recollection of their past lives. The events take place after a large meteor crashes on earth, leaving significant but unclear casualties.

The anime may not be extremely accurate, but it gives us insight into how different people act when facing threats to their lives.

Part 2 ended with an inconclusive finale and left many fans wondering about the future of the show. There was significant character development throughout the season, forming strong bonds between members of Team B.

The announcement for Part 3 is yet to be made, but the conclusion of Part 2 made it seem like 7SEEDS still hasn’t completed its animated journey.

1. Release Date

Part 3 of 7SEEDS could be released sometime after the spring of 2021.

7SEEDS Part 3 is yet to receive an official renewal announcement. The original manga has 35 volumes, and hence, there is an abundance of source material that could be adapted.


7SEEDS manga is exceptionally successful, but clearly, the anime is not at par with its source. Part 1 was not very popular, and yet the story still continued. So, we cannot assume that there won’t be a third part.

2. What To Expect From Part 3

7SEEDS Part 2 ended in chapter 83 of the manga. There are 179 chapters (35 volumes), so part 3 will continue from chapter 84.

7SEEDS | Official Trailer | Netflix
7Seeds | Official Trailer

In the last episode of Part 2, we saw Natsu, Arashi, Ango, and the team got entangled in two problems. The ship’s bacteria started attacking, and there was not much time left as the missile countdown came closer. The team makes a mad dash to exit, and boy, they successfully made it out of there. 

The journey isn’t over yet, although the bonds between team members have tightened. Ango and Ryo have fully integrated into Summer Team B, Tendo and Ryo have grown close together, and Ango turned himself into a better leader. The next season will be a continuation from where it ended.

7 Seeds Part 3: Release Info, Rumors, Updates
Ango | Source: IMDb

Don’t forget Hana and Arashi haven’t found each other yet, but they seem prepared to deal with the world they live in.

3. Watch 7SEEDS

4. About 7SEEDS

Before a colossal meteorite collides with the earth’s surface and kills almost every living creature, the world leaders get together and initiate the ‘7SEEDS’ project to preserve humanity. Five distinct groups of seven healthy individuals are preserved through cryogenics.

They are only released to the world outside when they have access to necessities for survival. Waking up from their sleep after several years, the members of the five groups realize that their world is not the same anymore.

With this, they mourn their loved ones’ death and try to survive in their new post-apocalyptic surroundings while trying to get along with the strangers who surround them.


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