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Zoids Wild Senki: New Battle CG Anime Slated For Fall Premiere

Zoids Wild is an anime series based on the Zoids model kits produced by an entertainment company, Takara Tomy.

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Shogakukan’s Coro Coro Comics magazine announced in its October issue that the Zoid Wild franchise’s battle CG anime “Zoids Wild Senki” is set for a fall premiere in 2020.

The series will stream on both the magazine’s and Takara Tomy’s official YouTube channel.

In September 2020, it was announced that Zoids Wild Senki, a CG-animated series is set to be released on YouTube. However, this anime series isn’t the first from its franchise.

The first anime series for the franchise, titled “Zoids: Chaotic Century” aired in 1999-2000. This series was followed by several others with differing storylines.

“Zoids Wild” was inspired by Moricha’s manga of the same name and produced by OLM in 2018.

Season two of the “Zoid Wild” series, titled “Zoids Wild Zero” had been announced, presenting its audience with an all-new story and characters.

Zoids Wild Senki: New Battle CG Anime Slated For Fall Premiere
Zoids Wild | Source: Fandom

This season premiered on October 4th, 2019 but had to take a break due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The series continued from June 19th, 2020.

Zoids Wild Zero takes place in the 21st century where planet Earth has been rendered inhabitable. Hence, humans migrated to a world called Planet Zi.

This new planet was initially home to beastly metallic life forms known as Zoids. After many years, the planet Zi is also destroyed and its occupants must now migrate back to Earth.

About Zoids

Set on Planet Zi, Zoids focuses on huge animal-like bio machines that are used for everyday activities as well as battles.

Some Zoids have mini-Zoids inside them that are called Organoids. They can fuse with non-living Zoids and become massive and powerful.

The story follows Van Freiheit, who comes across an abandoned organoid and an unconscious girl in a run-down laboratory.

The organoid fuses with a lion-like damaged Zoid and fixes its parts by combining them to its body. Van names this new Zoid, Zeke.

The girl, upon regaining her consciousness, turns out to be amnesiac, only remembering her name Fiona and that she needs to find Zoids Eve. To help Fiona, Van, and Zeke begin their adventure.

Source: Coro Coro Comics October issue

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