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Yuya Takahashi’s Supernatural Romance Monstaboo Publishes Final Chapter

A traumatic childhood leads Maruka Suzuki from Monstaboo to live a hopeless life where the endpoint is death. Just as she is about to suffer the same fate as her mother, her knight in shining armor comes to save the day!

Monstaboo is a story about a peculiar romance and a lot of action. This is the sort of manga that will get you hooked on to it so bad that you cannot stop until you’ve finished.

The Monstaboo manga announced its conclusion today as it published its final chapter in Square Enix’s Big Gangan’s June Issue.

The talk about the manga ending had been going around since April 2021. It was announced on April 24th that the manga will be publishing its final chapter on May 25th.

The final compiled volume of the manga will be released on July 26th by Square Enix.

Monstaboo is considered to be an one-of-a-kind manga that combines romance, action, and supernatural elements beautifully to create a masterpiece. 

The manga is considered as one of Takahashi’s best works other than Lupin and Luck & Logic. TALI, the artist, did a fantastic job in bringing life and emotions to the characters. TALI has also worked on the story and artwork of manga like 6 no Trigger and Change H.

Monstaboo manga is one of the best ones I’ve read, and I strongly recommend you to check it out. And now that it is over, you can binge it all in one go without getting stuck on cliffhangers!

About Monstaboo

Monstaboo is a Japanese manga created by Yūya Takahashi and TALI. They launched the manga in Big Gangan in June 2019, and Square Enix published the manga’s third volume in December 2020.

The story centers on Maruka Suzuki, a girl who plays the part of the good ace student at her middle school, but hides a disturbing secret: her father became a monster once, and killer her mother.

Since then she has lived with the understanding that she will die. One day, she is attacked by a monster called an Adaruto, who has rabbit ears…

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