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Yuri Manga, Gunjou, Inspires Netflix Live-Action Movie, Ride Or Kill

A smile from you can destroy my whole life,” says Rei after murdering the husband of the woman she loves. Gunjou, the yuri manga carved out of flesh, blood, and bones, will take you on a journey that you can never forget.

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Gunjou is not a tale about the kind of love that lets two people eat popcorn while on a date together. It is rather about the type of love that lets a lover jump off a cliff rather than stay apart.

Netflix has announced that the Gunjou manga will be adapted into a live-action film named “Ride or Die.” It will premiere worldwide on 15th April, and Netflix will stream it exclusively.

A new visual has also been revealed for the upcoming film:

Yuri Manga, Gunjou, Inspires Netflix Live-Action Movie, Ride or Kill
Ride Or Die | Source: Crunchyroll

It is a simple visual, but Rei’s calm face says a lot about her hidden emotions. The visual also silently relays the attachments that people have with others.

Love can make people override their morality and step into hell all by themselves.

The main cast of the anime includes:

CharacterCastOther Works
ReiKiko MizuharaMikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan live-action movie)
NanaeHonami SatoNatsuo (The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese movie)

Other cast members include:

CastOther Works
Yoko MakiJung-Hwa (Yakinuku Dragon movie)
Anne SuzukiHana Arai (The Case of Hana & Alice)
Tetsushi TanakaSeiichirou Hara (Maho Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto live-action movie)
Sara MinamiKaoru Tanaka (Dear Etranger movie)
Shinya NiiroDanny Ichikawa (Totto-chan!)
Shunsuke TanakaRaita (High & Low 2, 3 movies)
Setsuko Torimaru
Yuri Manga, Gunjou, Inspires Netflix Live-Action Movie, Ride or Kill
Source: Crunchyroll

“Ride or Die,” or “Kanojo” is a road movie. Rei and Nanae run away to escape the police after Rei murders Nanae’s husband at her bidding. The cruel side of love is portrayed in the manga that will jolt the readers to their senses.

About Gunjou

Gunjou is a yuri manga by Ching Nakamura that was first published by Kodansha in 2007. The manga’s serialization ended in 2012. It will be adapted into a live-action film in spring 2021.

Rei loves Nanae since her high school days. Nanae, however, thinks of her only as someone who can be used. She makes Rei kill her abusive husband for her. Now both of them are on the run to escape the police.

Source: Netflix

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