Streamer Apologizes for Leaking Assassin’s Creed Games, Says He Did It for Clout

Recently, all the upcoming Assassin’s Creed games which were shown at Ubisoft Forward were leaked by someone called @TheRealInsider on Twitter. He also kept hinting at the games before revealing the titles. Take a look at the now deleted tweet below:

He made a name for himself by leaking things about upcoming games on Twitter and claimed to have insider knowledge about upcoming games. It was also revealed that he knew about all the upcoming Assassin’s Creed games because Ubisoft themselves gave him access to that information. But because of a small slip-up, his real identity got exposed on Twitter.

Streamer Apologizes for Leaking Assassin's Creed Games, Says He Did It For Clout
Assassin’s Creed games leaked
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@TheRealInsider turned out to be a YouTuber called Dan Allen Gaming who apologized and said that he “did it for the clout and the buzz.” He posted an apology video on YouTube shortly after he was exposed saying “he is ashamed of it. It was pathetic.”

@TheRealInsider was asked a question on Twitter but instead of replying from his Insider account, Allen replied to the tweet using his gaming account on Twitter which led to journalist Jason Schreier finding out who he was. He quickly deleted the tweet afterwards before posting an apology which he also deleted after.

Check out the images below which showcase the tweets that led to him being exposed:

Allen also claimed in his apology that some of the stuff he leaked were made up, like the Metal Gear Solid and the Silent Hill rumors. He also stated that some of the things he leaked were an educated guess like the Kratos image he tweeted before the PlayStation State of Play which showcased God of War Ragnarok.

Allen also broke one NDA in the process of leaking games and could face some serious consequences because of that, because we all know that Ubisoft’s NDA isn’t a joke.

After apologizing to his fellow content creators, and other journalists, Allen said that he’s going to take some time off from Twitter and YouTube and “try and learn from this mistake.”

@TheRealInsider account on Twitter has now been deleted, and his apology tweets have also been deleted but Allen’s gaming channel is still up and online as of writing this article. Watch the apology video below:

It’s unclear if he’ll stay on YouTube since he has a massive following of over 180,000 subscribers, or if @TheRealInsider account will ever be back. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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