How the SAG-AFTRA Strike Could Affect Young Sheldon Season 7 Release Date

Young Sheldon’s chances of meeting its fall premiere deadline look bleak because of the cast’s response to the SAG-AFTRA strike.

In an unprecedented sequence of events, Alliance Motion Pictures failed to strike a deal with the SAG-AFTRA, which resulted in a worldwide stoppage of work for actors. This is disastrous for the film industry as it is the second big strike after the Writers Guild of America strike that began in May 2023.

Young Sheldon actors Raegan Revord and Ian Armitage have shared their thoughts on the SAG-AFTRA strike on Instagram. Check out their posts below: 

How the SAG-AFTRA Strike Could Affect Young Sheldon Season 7 Release Date
Raegan Revord on Instagram | Source: Instagram

Since day one, Revord and Armitage have supported these protests for fair compensation. Ian Armitage expressed his support for the WGA strikes through his social media posts, while Revord even attended one of the rallies alongside Young Sheldon co-stars Zoe Perry and Lance Barber.

Initially, CBS was confident that the issue between the writers and studios would be resolved fairly quickly. Thus, it had maintained that Young Sheldon would return for season 7 in its usual fall schedule. 

However, two months into the WGA strike, things aren’t looking good, and the SAG-AFTRA has been the final nail in the coffin. 

It seems impossible for Young Sheldon season 7 to hit its target release date unless things clear up immediately.

How the SAG-AFTRA Strike Could Affect Young Sheldon Season 7 Release Date
Wyatt McClure, Raegan Revord, and Iain Armitage in Snoopin’ Around and the Wonder Twins of Atheism (2021) | Source: IMDb

Young Sheldon season 6 ended in a massive cliffhanger, and season 7 is expected to be the show’s last. This makes the situation even more complicated as viewers may now have to wait indefinitely to get the closure they desperately want. 

Moreover, a mid-season premiere could result in significantly fewer episodes. This could result in cramped-up storylines and plotlines being disregarded altogether in the show’s final season.

We don’t want a Game of Thrones recap, for sure!

Finally, we’d like to end things with a silver lining. There’s a chance of both strikes getting lifted in the next couple of weeks. This could be lifesaving for Young Sheldon and other scripted shows, and they could be back on track without any significant delay.

Hopefully, the issues get resolved soon, and the actors and writers get their fair share of the cake and better working conditions.

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About Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon is an American sitcom series for CBS, a spin-off of Big Bang Theory. It is created by Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro.

It is set in the late 1980s and early 1990s, following the character Sheldon Cooper from the age of nine, going to high school. Iain Armitage plays young Sheldon, joined by Zoe Perry and Lance Barber as Mrs and Mr Cooper, and Montana Jordan and Raegan Revord as siblings Georgie and Missy respectively.

Jim Parsons, who stars as the adult Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory, narrates the series, also serving as an executive producer.


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