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Yostar Pictures Announces Original Golf-Themed Anime Sorairo Utility

We might have loads of brilliant sports anime, but not many cover the meticulous and classy game of golf. While some of you may think of it as lame or dull, golf requires a lot of concentration and skill to be played professionally.

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Since we don’t have much anime content on this sport, Yostar Pictures brought us one. The animation studio listened to all the golf enthusiasts and decided to produce an anime based on the sport.

So even if you think that golf is boring or only played for leisure, then this anime might just change your mind.

Yostar Pictures and its director Kengo Saito announced an original golf-themed anime called Sorairo Utility (Sky Blue Utility) with a visual.

[I’m happy] I really wanted to make a golf animation that I wanted to make (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °)

“Sky blue utility”

Stay tuned for staff, cast, and more! !! !!

#Sky blue utility

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The aesthetically pleasing visual features three girls in their golf-wear while clicking a selfie to remember the moment. They are most likely the anime’s protagonists and their expressions indicate that it will probably be a light-hearted show.

Then again, you never know what plot twists an anime can have, so I suggest you to be prepared for anything. Also, Yostar will reveal details regarding the story, staff, cast, and more later.

Kengo also mentioned that Yostar finally let him produce this golf anime that he always wanted to make. The director seemed pretty excited, making us all curious about what he has in store for us.

When talking about gold, the first anime that comes to our mind is Pro Golfer Saru, but I doubt Sorairo Utility will be anything like that. From the visual, we can see Kengo’s style all over it, and he definitely won’t be doing something similar to what’s already been done.

Moreover, Yostar has been involved with franchises like Arknights and Azur Lane, while Kengo has assisted with DARLING in the FRANXX and Fullmetal Alchemist. I do not know what to expect of the upcoming golf anime, considering their styles, but I guarantee it will be worthwhile.

Over the years, we’ve had little to none in the golf genre of anime, and now Yostar has given us hope by introducing Sorairo Utility. I am honestly thrilled but also a bit doubtful as the theme has a lot of potential but will Yostar and Kengo be able to pull it off?

Source: Kengo Saito’s Official Twitter Account

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