Announces Golf-Themed Anime

Yostar Pictures

By Epic Dope Staff | October 27, 2021

We might have loads of brilliant sports anime, but not many cover the meticulous and classy game of golf.

Yostar Pictures and its director Kengo Saito announced an original golf-themed anime called Sorairo Utility (Sky Blue Utility) with a visual.

The aesthetically pleasing visual features three girls in their golf-wear while clicking a selfie.

Kengo also mentioned that Yostar finally let him produce this golf anime that he always wanted to make.

I do not know what to expect of the upcoming golf anime, considering their styles, but I guarantee it will be worthwhile.

Over the years, we’ve had little to none in the golf genre of anime, and now Yostar has given us hope by introducing Sorairo Utility.