Yellowjackets Showrunners Give a Hopeful Update for Season 2 

Ashley Lyle, Jonathan Lisco, and Bart Nickerson, the showrunners of Yellowjackets, have shared an update recently regarding the production for S2 and confirmed that it will begin sometime in August. 

The psychological drama, which premiered in November 2021, was an instant success among critics and audiences alike, even scoring a second season before the completion of half its first season.

The ten-part series, set in 1996, chronicled the lives of four teenage high school soccer players and their race to survive in the savage wilderness after their plane crashed on their way to an away tournament.

Yellowjackets Showrunners Give A Hopeful Update For Season 2
Yellow Jackets
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The show is split into two timelines, simultaneously showing their adventurous nineteen months of survival and the aftermath in 2021 as they piece together a life after being laid out in shambles.

The second season will continue depicting the ordeal the high schoolers went through, focusing on the winter storyline teased in the previous season.

The showrunner trio behind Yellowjackets discussed the upcoming season in the recent Variety Showrunners Sitdown and has confirmed a promising new update. As per their interview, the scripts for Season 2 are in the works, and all ideas and timelines are being tracked on what they have called “murder boards”.

The hilarious delivery of their tracking system, as to what goes on and what will be dealt with in Season 2, looks promising enough to begin production in August 2022.

The previous season of the American TV series had ended with enough ambiguity to have fans on the edges of their seats. Adding a shocking death into the mix, the hype for the awaited season is justified.

Yellowjackets Showrunners Give A Hopeful Update For Season 2
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The viewers will hope to see more about Shauna’s pregnancy in the wilderness and Lottie’s cult in the present, and though the showrunners have made no promises, I think it’s safe to expect a darker and more disturbing season in 2023.

With positive feedback for the acting and story of the first season, the writers have to up the ante and give the fans what they deserve.

In the previous season, the writers’ trio had managed to maintain a perfect balance between the horrors of both the psychological and worldly kind, soundly divided among the two timelines. High hopes are resting on the second season and only time will tell how it goes.

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About Yellowjackets

Yellowjackets is an American television drama series created by Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson. 

In 1996, a team of New Jersey high school soccer players travel to Seattle for a national tournament. While flying over Canada, their plane crashes deep in the wilderness, and the remaining team members are left to survive for nineteen months. The series chronicles their survival attempts while also tracking their current lives in 2021.

It stars Melanie Lynskey, Tawny Cypress, Juliette Lewis, Christina Ricci, Lauren Ambrose, Simone Kessell, and more. The second season is premiering now

Source: Variety

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