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Yasuke Reveals Final Trailer, Visual 2 Days Before the Black Samurai Debuts

Netflix’s Yasuke will be releasing in just two more days, and the unique concept is raising excitement amongst fans. Of course, MAPPA has bagged yet another awesome anime that has unbelievable potential.

The anime is based during the feudal era of Japan but also mixes magic and fantasy elements. Japan’s first black samurai is the main protagonist, and it has contributed to the hype around the series.

Yasuke, the original anime by Le Sean Thomas, will premiere on Netflix on 29th April. Meanwhile, a brand-new trailer and visual have been revealed.

『YASUKE -ヤスケ-』予告編 - Netflix
Yasuke Official Trailer

The trailer shows Yasuke protecting a child from greedy officials. He is employed by Nobunaga for his skills but soon he faces internal dissent as the other ministers cannot accept him as their own.

He forsakes the violent life but he has to take up his sword once again to protect Saki. Saki is a child with mysterious powers and he has to protect the girl from evil clutches.

The visual shows Yasuke guarding the mysterious girl. Saki’s powers attract evil forces, yet Yasuke has sworn to protect her. The intensity of her powers has not been revealed yet.

The staff and cast members of the anime have been previously revealed. The previous trailers and visuals have slowly dropped hints about the anime’s nature, building anticipation at the same time.

Will MAPPA bowl us over once again with this awesome new series? The black samurai holds a lot of fan expectations.

About Yasuke

Set during a war-torn feudal Japan with mechs and magic, Yasuke is charged with the task of protecting a mysterious child who’s threatened by dark forces.

He struggles to take care of a peaceful existence after a past life of violence.

But when an area village becomes the centre of social upheaval between warring daimyo, Yasuke must take up his sword and transport a mysterious child who is the target of dark forces and bloodthirsty warlords.

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