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Ya Boy Kongming! Teases April Debut with a Groovy OP and Trailer

Kongming, the greatest tactician of the Three Kingdoms era, finds himself in the middle of the modern world in the upcoming Ya Boy Kongming! anime.

Of course, he doesn’t know about smartphones or any other modern gadget, but he didn’t become a renowned strategist just to give up because of this simple impediment.

In the upcoming comedy anime, Kongming will realize that the modern world is no less than a warring state and that his strategies are still useful.

The Ya Boy Kongming! anime will be released on April 5, 2022. A new trailer showing some cool bartender moves of the protagonist has been dropped.

TVアニメ「パリピ孔明」PV第2弾ー若者たちは不安よな。孔明 動きます ーPV
The second PV of the TV anime “Ya Boy Kongming!”-Young people are worried. Zhuge Liang moves-PV

The teaser introduces some main characters other than Kongming. One of them is Eiko, a bar singer, who wants to debut in the big leagues, but keeps failing auditions.

Well, her luck is about to change as Kongming is so moved by her voice that he is ready to become her personal manager. Lo and behold, this old tactician has not lost his touch, and his brilliant ideas are just what Eiko needs.

The video also previews the opening theme song of the anime, “Chikichiki Banban,” by QUEENDOM.

Studio P.A. Works is animating the series, and the cast and staff members have been revealed previously.

Ya Boy Kongming! Teases April Debut with a Groovy OP and Trailer
Ya Boy Kongming | Source: Crunchyroll

Spring 2022 season is just around the corner, and some delightful anime have already been lined up for it. Ya Boy Kongming! is a must-watch for comedy fans, and you bet I’ll cheer on the guy while he plots to take over the music industry with Eiko.

About Ya Boy Kongming!

Ya Boy Kongming! is a comedy manga written by Yuto Yotsuba and illustrated by Ryo Ogawa and started serialization on Kodansha’s Comic Days website in December 2019.

The story features a war strategist from ancient China, Liang Zhuge or Kongming, transported to modern-day Japan while on his deathbed. In the modern world, Kongming encounters Eiko Tsukumi and becomes a fan of her singing. Kongming promises Eiko that he will make her dreams come true to stop her from quitting.

Source: Official Website

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