World Witches Take Off: Release Date, Visuals & News

Originally a shonen manga created by Fumikane Shimada, then a series of Light Novels, Strike Witches was adapted into an anime series of 12 episodes by Gonzo in 2008.

A sequel was released in 2010 with 12 episodes too. Another spin-off sequel series Brave Witches was released in 2016 and a spin-off series Strike Witches: 501st Joint Fighter Wing Take Off premiered last year.

World Witches Take Off or World Witches Hasshin Shimasu is a new anime series, precisely, a spin-off of the Strike Witches: 501st Joint Fighter Wing Take Off edition. It is announced to premiere in 2021.

1. Release Date

A military comedy that focuses on a squad of teenage girls who fight aliens called Neuroi, Strike Witches is a pretty big franchise. There are numerous manga, light novel, game, and anime adaptations.

World Witches Take Off Season Updates
World Witches Take Off! | Source: Funimation

Similar to the Strike Witches: 501st Joint Fighter Wing Take Off, this upcoming anime will revolve around the daily lives of these teenage witches.

The official website of the anime World Witches Take Off announced that the anime will broadcast on January 13, 2021 and will run for a duration of 12 episodes.

The text in the visual also mentions that the anime will premiere in early January 2021.

‘World Witches Take Off’ that follows 501’s and 502’s slapstick daily life will be broadcast on TV animation in 2021. Stay tuned for more information.

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The cast from the 501st and 502nd Joint Fighter Wing will reprise their roles in this anime.

The story is by the original writer, Fumikane Shimada. Fumio Ito is directing the anime while Kei Ajiki is in charge of character design.

One of the best sci-fi comedies out there, the fans love the franchise. The portrayal of characters in different formats is interesting, to say the least.

Read below to know all the information about the plot and storyline of World Witches Take Off.

2. Why a spin-off?

Though Strike Witches and Brave Witches season were filled with action, and fight scenes, World Witches Take Off follows the daily life of the Witches when they are not in battle.

The spin-off is made exactly for that reason, comedic relief from the battles. Interestingly, a spin-off of 501st Joint Fighter Wing Take Off itself has spiked a lot of curiosity amongst the fans.

Especially when this series will not just contain characters from Strike Witches, but also Brave Witches!!

These two physically similar but narratively drastically different characters are now going to mesh together on one screen.

Let’s look into the technical details of this upcoming slapstick comedy anime to check what influences the production of ‘World Witches Take Off’.

I. Popularity of the Franchise

The Strike Witches manga has always been full of adventures and twists at every corner. The franchise built up from its first season in 2008, has led to a massive fandom.

The studio did a good job of introducing the characters (150 named Witches in the world!) and then slowly developing their stories.

Though it is a fan service show, the series makes it so subtle that it becomes a natural part of the world set-up.

Strike Witches, with its growing anime popularity, has a solid rating of 6.5 on IMDB, and 7.03 on MyAnimeList.

Some fans can’t wait for a new sequel!

II. About the Studio

Giga Productions and Acca Effe have taken over producing the World Witches Take Off.

They worked on its prequel like Strike Witches: 501st Joint Fighter Wing Take Off and also another fantasy shonen anime, Haishin Yuusha.

Ito Fumio is the director of the series. He was the episode director for anime like Fairy Tail and Assassination Classroom, and directed Strike Witches: 501st Joint Fighter Wing Take Off.

III. Animation Quality

The art and animation of the Strike Witches series are great. The action choreography and the battle scenes are well done. It isn’t easy to make flying girls fighting aliens look well, but Gonzo did it.

There is also a good blend of combat and regular in scenes in the seasons, with consistent animation and polished artwork.

But, not Giga Productions and Acca Effe has taken over. In their previous works, we get to see how special their visuals are.

Since the season was a spin-off, it was understood that the animation would be ‘comedic’ and low budget. The lack of movements and facial expressions were replaced by static character images.

It makes it feel lazy but it completes its job of making the audience laugh.

3. Upcoming Seasons in the Franchise

I. Luminous Witches

Luminous Witches also known as Idol Witches is a new upcoming anime featuring the Music Squadron. The anime is set to release in 2021.

This is a side story to the main Strike Witches story. Here, the witches are the exact opposite of the Joint Fighter Wings who fight to protect everyone.

They don’t fight but protect everyone’s smiles with songs and music.

They are the Allied Air Force Aviation Magic Band.

A teaser visual of ‘Luminous Witches’ of the Federal Air Force Air Magic Music Band scheduled to be animated in 2021 is released. Enjoy the story of Luminous.

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The official website has also been made.

Luminous Witches introduction page is also updated on the official website.

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We see 10 new characters in a red, marching band outfit with their corresponding cast member. A musical witch show on healing is a novel idea.

II. Strike Witches: Road to Berlin

Strike Witches:  Road to Berlin is an upcoming series by David Production. It is the third season in the Strike Witches series. The anime is releasing in October 2020.

The allied operation to retake Berlin has started, and the 501st Joint Fighter Wing is reformed. Hattori Shizuka is a new member of the 501st squad.

Key visual to Strike Witches Road to Berlin released. The anime is scheduled to air in October 2020. Finally, the 501 troops are reunited! Please look forward to the broadcast in October.

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The second PV of “Strike Witches ROAD to BERLIN” has been released!

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With Yoshika losing her powers at the end of the second season, this new series will show a rare powerless sight of her.

The video continues to show a montage of the various characters from the show one by one, with the announcement of its broadcast in October 2020.

4. New Key Visuals

The official site has not released any key character visuals yet. But we do know that characters from Strike Witches and Brave Witches are coming back in this spin-off.

Only one visual teaser has been released on the site so far. It shows the protagonists of Strike and Brave Witches, Yoshika Miyafuji and Hikari Karibuchi standing back to back.

World Witches Take Off Season Updates
World Witches Take Off!

5. New Teasers/Trailers

The promotional video features comical scenes from the everyday lives of the 501st and 502nd units. The video also has the narration of Yoshika Miyafuji, played by Misato Fukuen, playing in the background.


6. Recap

There are a lot of characters with their own branching series. Let’s check each one out.

I. Strike Witches

Strike Witches has had 2 anime seasons so far, with 12 episodes each. Though the second season was the ‘actual sequel’ of Brave Witches in the timeline.

The anime is set in an alternative history wherein 1939, humanity was on the verge of destruction. An alien race called Neuroi began the invasion of Earth, obliterating countries and vanquishing army forces.

To conquer them, a device called Striker Unit capable of facing Neuroi tech was produced. Girls who can equip these Units are called Witches. They fight the Neuroi with destructing weapons and form humanity’s line of defense.

In the year 1944, Yoshika Miyafuji, a young teenage girl, joins the 501st Joint Fighter Wing known as Strike Witches.

This show follows her as she learns to fight and cooperate with fellow Witches. A mystery runs amok, as the Fuso Witch desires to learn about her father’s fate.

II. Brave Witches

Brave Witches is set between the events of Strike Witches 1 and 2. As humanity continues to fight Neuroi, a new squadron is formed. 502nd Joint Fighter Wing called Brave Witches operates on the Eastern front.

However, one member of the squad is injured and unable to return to the front lines. Her sister, Hikari Karibuchi, volunteers to take her place.

To prove herself worthy of being Witch, she is determined to live up to her comrade’s expectations. But, she has no special abilities nor magical powers!

III. Strike Witches: 501st Joint Fighter Wing Take Off

This spin-off series takes place during the Strike Witches season 1. When Yoshika Miyafuji joins the 501st Joint Fighter Wing squad, she has to fight Neuroi to protect humanity.

However, on days with no alien invasions, she and the members of the unit do daily chores like laundry and cooking.

A parody of sorts, each episode is pretty engaging. Your favorite characters pop out of nowhere, do something silly, and then get beaten off-screen by Barkhorn. A hearty comedy to relax after the Strike Witches seasons.

7. The Plot

World Witches Take Off is based on the manga by Fumikane Shimada and the anime will follow the humorously hilarious lives of the Witches.

What do witches do when not fighting? They spend their daily lives idly. A spin-off of the Strike Witches: 501st Joint Fighter Wing Take Off, it will now feature not just the 501st squad but 502nd squad too!

As Neuroi suddenly stop attacking Earth, Witches have nothing to do but continue on their daily lives. The comedy sequel is back!

8. Cast & Staff

The following are the cast and staff members for the anime show:

PositionStaffOther works
DirectorItou FumioHaishi Yuusha
Sound DirectorYoshida TomohiroAnsatsu Kyoushitsu
StudioAcca Effe, Giga ProductionDark
CastStaffOther works
Youshika MiyafujiMisato FukenMy Hero Academia(Toga Himiko)
Mio SakamotoChiba SaekoCode Geass (Nina Einstein)
Hikari karibuchiAi KakumaHighschool DxD (Rossweise)

9. About Strike Witches

Strike Witches is a mix-media franchise created by Fumikane Shimada.

In an alternate reality, aliens called Neuroi have attacked the Earth. The only way to fight them is in aerial combat. Thus teenage witches have been recruited to fight the aliens with their magical abilities as well as with the help of mechanical power.

Source: Official Site, Official Twitter


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