Wonder Egg Priority: New Anime By CloverWorks Premieres In 2021

Wonder Egg Priority is an upcoming original anime from studio CloverWorks. CloverWorks has been in charge of the animation production of several well-known anime.

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The Promised Neverland, Her Blue Sky, Persona 5: The Animation were all rolled out by studio CloverWorks.

Since the upcoming anime is an original work, we are excited to see what new story CloverWorks has in store for us.

A tweet by Wonder Egg Priority revealed the teaser for the upcoming anime. It also revealed that the anime will air on NTV and other channels in January 2021.

Completely new original TV animation “Wonder Egg Priority”

Broadcast on Nippon Television and others in January 2021!

The teaser PV has been lifted today. Please have a look!

English Translation, Twitter Translation
Wonder Egg Priority PV

The promotional video gives off a very peaceful vibe. It looks like a slice of life anime but the anime’s specific genre is not yet revealed. It is too early to guess the plot yet.

However, we do know that the protagonist is a young girl who is probably a high schooler. We cannot wait for the plot of the anime to be revealed!

A new visual for the anime has also been released.

Wonder Egg Priority: New Anime By CloverWorks
Wonder Egg Priority | Source: Official Website

The visual has a bright yellow background which gives off a cheerful first impression. Our anime’s protagonist is standing in front of this backdrop and posing with her mouth open.

NTV and D. N. Dream Partner are collaborating with Aniplex for the Wonder Egg Priority anime. The anime’s staff includes:

PositionStaffOther Works
Original CreatorShinji NojimaHigh School Teacher, Homeless Child (Scriptwriter)
DirectorShin WakabayashiWagnaria!! 3 (Episode Director)
Character DesignSaki TakahashiHer Blue Sky
Planning ProducersHiroyuki Ueno, Nobuhiro NakayamaBarakamon, SAO

About Wonder Egg Priority

Wonder Egg Priority is an upcoming anime by studio CloverWorks. It will premiere in January 2021. It is an original anime with a schoolgirl as the protagonist.

Aniplex is collaborating with NTV and D. N. Dream Partner for the anime.

Source: Official website of Wonder Egg Priority

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