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New Collaboration Chapter Between ‘Witch Watch’ and ‘Sket Dance’

Kenta Shinohara, the famed mangaka of Astra Lost in Space, is also the genius behind two of our beloved series: Sket Dance and Witch Watch. His comedic style and essence are accurately portrayed in both of these stories and are the reason for their popularity.

Although we love both series as they are, fans can’t help but create theories of a universe with their crossover. The characters mingling and giving rise to hilarious situations is all we ever ask for, and this wish is now coming true.

Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine issue #9 has revealed that Kenta Shinohara’s Witch Watch and Sket Dance manga will have a collaboration chapter. It is slated to publish in the magazine’s upcoming issue #10 on February 6, 2023.

The announcement further stated that the chapter would have an opening color page, and Witch Watch would get featured on the magazine’s cover.

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The main difference between both stories is that Sket Dance is set in the real world, while Witch Watch has a fantasy setting filled with magic. I’m not sure how Kenta will manage to introduce a typical Japanese high school to one with witches, magical creatures, and more.

One way Kenta might get the Sket Dance trio to stumble upon some magical object that transports them to Witch Watch’s world. A greater possibility than this would be one of Nico’s spells going wrong and the witch and Morihito ending up in the real world.

Whatever happens, the result would be a hilarious chapter filled with gags and loads of laughter that we can’t wait to read.

Collaboration chapters are always fun and highly anticipated among fans. What makes them better is if a mangaka draws a crossover of two of his own stories, which enables them to stay authentic.

I can’t wait to see how this team-up between Sket Dance and Witch Watch turns out.

About Witch Watch

Witch Watch is a fantasy and romantic comedy manga series written and illustrated by Kenta Shinohara.

The story follows a teenager witch apprentice, Nico Wakatsuki, who also happens to be clumsy resulting in her spells going wrong. Nico is in love with her childhood friend, Morihito, a human-looking ogre. To stay close to Morihito, Nico makes him her familiar, much to the latter’s reluctance. Due to certain conditions, the teenagers then have to live together and from there begins the story of their adventures involving Nico’s mishaps in magic and Moihito saving her from it.

Source: Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #9

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